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It’s About the Gene Pool
James E Horn

Are we Americans in trouble? China is a huge menace. Islam is a vile, sneaky, stealthy menace that too few of us can properly grasp. Internally, we have a horrible dishonest corrosive axis of Democrats, Marxists, Communists, progressives weakening our precious, fragile republic.

Those of us who truly care are disgusted and frustrated as we seek a way out of this morass. While we share common feelings, we are disunited and in need of capable leadership and understanding.

History teaches that in distant ancient times, stronger tribes descended on and conquered weaker tribes who either assimilated or died in a cycle of thousands of generations. A dozen centuries ago with much larger populations, huge armies were assembled who went to war to conquer their neighbors and harvest the spoils of war: women, property, and wealth, often enslaving the losers.

Great religions or ideologies arose and became new tribes, the Romans, Christianity, the Middle Kingdom (China), the Mongols, Hinduism, Buddhism, Vikings, Mohammedism. Thousands of men died in wars of conquest, for plunder, to control other lands and people. Some of those tribes enjoyed a longer duration than others.

Europe and points south and east repeatedly suffered cycles of terrible religious and ideological wars. As things evolved, warriors were killed off taking their warrior genes with them. Men who ran and hid behind skirts survived to become the breeders with less of the warrior genes passing on to their offspring. Now, these Infidel European Dhimmis (what Arnold Schwarzenegger referred to as girly men) are failing to protect their countries and women from invading Mohammedism and the evil that it brings.

From the time of the devastating centuries of European Christian wars followed by Napoleonic wars, European men who hid behind skirts began to genetically evolve away from being real men towards being feminized. China evolved similarly to Europe. Conversely, while millions died in the Islamic wars, the victorious Mohammedan culture let the victorious men become the primary gene contributors in a highly sexualized culture that allows several wives and even more female slaves or concubines. (Mohammed had at least four wives and a dozen female sex slaves and this tradition has carried forward.) Their warrior genes continue to spread today.

America had its wars too, but with early European colonization bringing real men to our shores, we did not suffer the genetic eviscerations of Europe. Unlike Africans enslaved in Africa who were brutally castrated and often died, American slave buyers wanted whole men who are now a good part of the strong American gene pool. With thousands upon thousands of Christian Latino ‘illegals’ with families crossing over into the USA now, our gene pool of real men will be enhanced.

In our recent wars, with superior training, weapons, and protective gear, our warriors returned home to spread their superior genes to new generations.

Our American civil society is being misled and abused by progressive, defeatist skirt dwellers, girlie men. However, the misled ethical future heroes are awakening, growing wiser, and increasingly distrustful of the elites (skirt dwellers). Patriots with the strong warrior genetic makeup are cognizant of the growing evil stalking them, their precious families, and their fragile Republic. Disgusted, they are finding one-another, discovering who the common enemies are and will soon step up and out (

The Pentagon is WOKE, entirely compromised, uselessly corrupted in most ways, eviscerated. The disgusting leadership/brass hats are so screwed up that if domestic hostilities broke out, they’d trip over their own skirts as they ran to hide. Hopefully, when the SHTF, the genetically strong competent patriotic colonels and field officers will jail the useless top brass, chase the WOKE civilians into the Potomac River, and hit the streets with tanks and guns to restore Constitutional integrity.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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