James E. Horn, September 10, 2015

During America’s 239 years of existence, we have fought many wars, first to gain our freedom, then to preserve our freedom and the freedom of others in America and then around the world.

American Presidents have been called ‘war presidents’ during these periods, and most were heroes for sticking up for others.

In recent years a new phenomenon has arisen – WAR MONGER PRESIDENTS. These have been mercenaries using American troops in improper ways.

The first WAR MONGER among them was William “Slick Willie” Clinton who was tasked by his Gulf oil Arab financiers who demanded that he attack a sovereign Serbia, a Christian nation to make them stop their war on Moslem Bosnia. After the dismemberment of Yugoslavia, Bosnian Moslems began a brutal and inhuman ethnic cleansing of Serbian Christians, acts which prompted an overwhelming Serbian response that punished the Bosnians, something that the Moslem community could not tolerate. Clinton bowed to his masters and attacked Serbia.

Both of the Presidents Bush likewise made war on Iraq because the gulf oil Arabs were terrified that Saddam Hussein would conquer and take over their countries.

However, with the swearing in of Barak Hussein Obama, the real WAR MONGER emerged. Obama lied when he declared that he would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Under WAR MONGER Obama we are still engaged in Iraq, and in Afghanistan – where more Americans have died under his ”peaceful” ‘winding down’ of the American effort than during Bush’s war against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

The list of wars sponsored by WAR MONGER, Barak Hussein Obama along with his various and sundry Moslem Brotherhood connections and other activities such as the “Arab Spring” is long and ever lengthening.

First was the Moslem Brotherhood electoral takeover of Egypt which evolved in a limited civil war to get Obama’s pal, Morsi out of office and into Prison. The good guys eventually won, but Obama hates those victors.

The Moslem Brotherhood/Arab Spring soon clobbered Tunisia and spread unsuccessfully to Algeria, and then to Libya where WAR MONGER Obama’s success was paramount leaving chaos reigning supreme. Obama and his henchwoman, Hillary didn’t give a damn about the murders of Ambassador Stevens and others. The success of the Arab Spring in Libya is their crowning achievement – so far, with hundreds of thousands dead.

Mali is in turmoil with various Moslem Brotherhood entities tearing that country apart.

Obama’s WAR MONGERING in West Africa enhanced the Boko Haram’s slaughtering of hundreds of thousands of Christians in a continuing Nigerian ethnic cleansing that threatens neighboring countries. Christian Central African Republic has been successful in driving Moslems back and even out of their country, and Obama refused to provide any assistance to this sovereign Christian nation.

In East Africa, the wars that the Somalis are engaged in are spreading and growing and Obama has restricted the 5,000 Marine detachment from doing what they were sent there for.

Another crowning achievement of Obama’s WAR MONGERING is Syria which is being torn apart by ISIS/ISIL (with the connivance of Turkey) who has been waging war on nearly all Syrians regardless of ethnicity, and in Iraq as well. The excesses of barbarity here is exactly what their Mohammed demanded of Moslems (now just the Sunni/Wahabbi Moslems). The Kurds are an ethnic minority that both the Turks and ISIS/ISIL despise and want to eradicate as they have nearly accomplished the destruction of the Yazidis.

Obama wanted to co-opt the Saudis and their Gulf allies along with Jordan to fall into line with his most passionate WAR MONGERING desire, the eradication of Israel. They balked and Obama signaled the OK for Iranian backed tribes in Yemen to tear that country apart with another civil war.

Obama’s and Hillary’s “reset” button with Russia cleared the way for Russian President Putin to launch a campaign to bring the Ukraine and the Baltic states under Russian suzerainty. With zero push back from Obama, Russia seized Crimea. As Russia continues to seize even more, if not all of the Ukraine, the WAR MONGER, Obama relentlessly pursues his evisceration of American military forces.

With but a little bit of lip service from Obama, China is in an expansive move which is more than upsetting to Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Viet Nam and could even lead to a hot war in the Far East.

North Korea is again threatening South Korea and even the United States and Obama sits idly by.

There are even some rumblings of conflict between Venezuela and Columbia and Obama remains mute.

Needless to say, the WAR MONGER, Obama, has done zero to thwart Mexico’s invasion of America, the ‘Black Lives Matter’ and Nation of Islam’s declarations of war on police and Caucasians, both forms of ethnic cleansing. In fact, he has encouraged these actions and has worked tirelessly against anything and everything Christian or responsible.

The WAR MONGER’S greatest achievement has been his alliance with Iran’s Mullahs who share his passion to destroy Israel and America. He sent his Secretary of State Keary (who has, as a Senator and even as Secretary of State opened his arms to accept all manner of largesse from the Iranians.) to “negotiate” an abomination of an agreement along with several dozen secret (to Americans) side deals. So, John Keary, while on the payroll of the Mullahs negotiated an agreement as Secretary of State that is the best deal the Iranians wanted, and did it to hurt, damage, even try to destroy America. Keary ought to be hung for treason.

On January 20, 2017, the American Moslem WAR MONGERING hater of all that is decent and civilized in the world will step down and hand all of this mess that he personally created to someone else. Assuredly, our next President will have his hands full trying to deal with a chaotic world in disarray.

Assuredly, our new President will necessarily become a War President both at home and abroad.

To begin with the President will, on an emergency basis, have to rapidly rebuild our armed forces because the pile of whatever the WAR MONGER, Obama leaves behind will be pitiful. By its nature, this will be accomplished on an emergency basis. I would hope that when the War President initiates this, he will also initiate programs to bolster American technology by requiring that all hardware and electronics on our aircraft and war machines are America made so we do not have to depend on the Chinese for essential parts and equipment. He can fix stupid.

Next, he will have to sit down with friends, allies, and foes to forge new relationships. That will be tough, but as we rebuild our armed forces, our greatest tool of diplomacy, the task will become easier. The United Nations is no longer a useful thing for the United States to participate in. It is dominated by the OIC, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a block of 67 votes who with their coercion and money have bought off or controlled the actions of most members. I would hope that the new President consider breaking all ties with the UN and give the organization six months to move itself, lock stock and barrel out of the United States, destination, we don’t give a whit.

Understand that Obama, working with the Moslem Brotherhood and his alter ego, Valerie Jarrett’s work with various Shiite Moslem groups the lid has been relatively clamped down on domestic terrorism. There have been cases of intimidation, bullying, and so forth as well as lone wolf attacks and a few teams of Moslems attacking in America, but we (We ain’t seen nothing, yet!) will be confronted with highly motivated, highly trained and very deadly Moslem terrorism designed to destroy and demoralize.

They have been here for a long time, planning and bringing weapons and supplies (explosives, chemical. probably biological, and more than likely radiological) in from Canada and Mexico, and stashing this stuff in the bunkers (secretly built) in Mosques and Islamic facilities including their schools (just as Hamas terrorists have done in Gaza). There will be a lot of brutal domestic terrorism, and the new President may begin to deputize citizen militias who can go out and confront, even to kill the terrorists – terrorize the terrorists. We will be a nation at war with ourselves, and we will either continue speaking English or give way to Arabic. We and our new President will have difficult choices to make.

In conjunction with Moslem inspired terrorism, the new President will need to step up hard to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights because the progressives allied with the Islamists have and continue to try hard to erode our First and Second Amendments.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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