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By James E. Horn EMINENT DOMAIN Several years ago in an eastern city, there was a piece of land with a house on it. The surrounding land was vacant, owned by a developer who now wanted the house and the small parcel of land it sat on so they could build something. The elderly owner refused to sell. She wanted to live out her life in the small house that her parents had built. With some ($$$) motivation from the developer, the city fathers decided that they would seize her home under the guise of Eminent Domain. Eminent Domain was […]


James E. Horn, September 10, 2015 During America’s 239 years of existence, we have fought many wars, first to gain our freedom, then to preserve our freedom and the freedom of others in America and then around the world. American Presidents have been called ‘war presidents’ during these periods, and most were heroes for sticking up for others. In recent years a new phenomenon has arisen – WAR MONGER PRESIDENTS. These have been mercenaries using American troops in improper ways. The first WAR MONGER among them was William “Slick Willie” Clinton who was tasked by his Gulf oil Arab financiers […]

A Tribute to Chris 1

By James E. Horn, November 7, 2015 There are thousands of stories paying tribute to the millions of Americans who have fought in battles to preserve and to protect our freedom and liberty, and that of others. Clarence Christianson was born of Scandinavian parents someplace in Minnesota a long time ago. His parents had come from an area along the German border and Chris spoke Danish, English, and passable German. He is not alive to tell his story now, and was reluctant to tell it when he was alive. Over the too few years that I knew him, I collected […]


By James E. Horn The Moslem Brotherhood’s Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has unleashed a sustained assault on the Republican Party regarding curbing Republican activities in educating Americans in the arena of American politics. This action is consistent with the Moslem Brotherhood’s efforts to suppress the first Amendment rights of free speech, the freedom to speak, and the freedom for others to hear. The GOP must ignore these bullying jihadi (holy war against our Constitution) attempts at intimidation aimed at silencing (killing the messengers) America’s important Republican organizations. This is what a patriotic, Constitution supporting organization must do – […]

REVEALED: An Enemy Within

By James E. Horn, March 26, 2016 By way of introduction, I am a retired Foreign Service Officer who worked for the Department of State and served abroad for a quarter of a century. At a recent meeting, a question was posed to me about something I had never thought of or considered nor to my knowledge has any other prognosticator addressed this. The question: Is it true that a lot of State Department officials are Moslem? The Department of State, the CIA, the Department of Defense and many other agencies have a continuing need for linguists (over 165 languages […]

A LOOMING DISASTER (Sand Pit of Disaster) (WWIII)

By James E. Horn, April 13, 2016 Is the USA prepared for an unmitigated disaster that may soon cost thousands or even millions of American lives? Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and American Folly HISTORICALLY SPEAKING Western powers have not fared well recently in dealing with Islam. The British were handed their royal backsides in a basket after nearly two hundred years in Afghanistan/Pakistan and departed with their tails between their legs. When the Russians went into Afghanistan forty years ago, they had a good chance of success until the myopic progressives reactionaries, led by Jimmy Carter, stepped in to help our […]

China Owes Bill Clinton Big Time

By James E. Horn, May 19, 2016 Does anyone wonder how China’s navy has been able to move rapidly from a third-world rust bucket to a large and growing world class navy in just 20-years? Bill Clinton is the answer. Most of us who have been around just a bit understand from many sources, Chinese government paid for Bill Clinton’s first election as POTUS (42). The Chinese provided hundreds of millions of dollars using direct infusions of cash, millions funneled through straw donors, tinsel town notables, political consultants, PACs, lobbyists, and more – enough to fund the election with change […]


A Tribute: BAUMGARTNER By James E. Horn, September 7, 2015 I really don’t (always) believe in spirits, or do I? I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly pragmatic, straight forward type of guy, not very spooky, and stable. I do believe in GOD. Given that, I suppose that acknowledging certain spirits is OK. In fact, I believe that a spirit visited me recently. I was doing something, when suddenly; a profoundly vivid recollection of a man I had not thought of for over forty years came to my mind. I thought that I had completely forgotten all about Baumgartner. […]