Strasbourg, Yellow Vests, Colonization, Colonials and Citizens Push Back
By James E. Horn

We Americans missed the boat, or can we say that we dodged this bullet?
Led by the British colonization of America plus the British and the French, Western Europeans colonized, Africa, the Middle East, and much of Asia. They are now harvesting the fruits of their labor…..
Early on, the American colonies (with the valued help of France) kicked the British out, and we’ve (Americans, British, French) been more-or-less allies in many ways ever since. However, since joining the socialist European Union and repeatedly electing socialist governments who import and welcome their worst existential enemy ever, the British-French-American partnership is under stress.
After over hundred years of trying to westernize, to educate, to bring a semblance of western civilization to those lands, they got royally kicked out of their many colonies. Their “subjects” didn’t like them, didn’t want what was offered, and have turned on them with a vengeance.
And, the former European Colonizers are flummoxed. They behave like village idiots and take getting kicked around lying down just like liberal (idiot) parents. When you collectively do the same thing again and again and harvest the same results each time, it’s time to pick up what’s left of your ball and get the hell out of Dodge, and dump that Albatross hanging on your neck. Can Europe do it? Can Europe survive?
France tried valiantly to Europeanize Algeria, once the bread basket of Europe. The Arabs resisted and the French fought a vicious but losing war. A quarter of a million Frenchmen initially stayed on and became Algerian citizens. Then the oh-so tolerant French turned around and invited those who will never, ever tolerate them to come to France, by the millions. Those Colonials, mostly Algerians and West Africans, have been bleeding France for more than sixty years with multiple generations living on socialist French welfare. It’s the same in England with their Indian/Pakistani/Afghan and East Africans sucking the nation dry and demanding ever more. Belgium had a huge stake in the Belgian Congo, Germany lost their colonies after the world Wars, and the Spanish and Portuguese who had fewer and smaller colonies still are dealing with the aftermath of their colonizing. The mostly Dutch farmers in South Africa are systematically being eradicated by a white hating South African government as the Whites in Rhodesia went.
One and all, these former colonizers have stupidly invited their former subjects to join them in Europe. What were they thinking? Their former subjects did not emigrate with good intentions. They have systematically robbed and abused their former colonizer hosts in every way possible.
Europe, often dubbed Eurabia is in serious trouble.
They formed their socialist European Union (EU) with no concurrence of the native Europeans who accepted promises of a utopian EU that is now coming apart.
The unelected bureaucrats of the utopian EU have uniformly failed. They made trade pacts with other nations that were abusive and sucked wealth from those “partners”, the United States chief among them. For decades our American leaders permitted this massive rip-off to continue.
We now have a businessman as our President and he is very different from the series of mostly hacks (President Reagan tried but didn’t understand economics) who have been in leadership positions giving away our wealth. President Trump, a businessman hated by liberal hacks and their socialist partners took a look at the balance sheets and called a halt to the continuous bleeding of America to feed the EU. With trillions of dollars of debt, President Trump kicked back at the EU and is demanding a level, balanced playing field.
European people have taken notice and are coming to the proper conclusion that unelected socialist EU bosses are abusing them and are also starting to push back.
The British are bailing out with their BREXIT plans that are being terribly (and intentionally) mismanaged by a stupid (or sly) socialist Prime Minister who seems to hate the very British who pay her. She seems to be working with the unelected EU bureaucrats to torpedo the BREXIT to teach the British people (and other Europeans) a “lesson”. This, quite simply, is because other EU members are eyeing ways to bail out of the EU as painlessly as possible, a thought that terrorizes thousands of otherwise useless EU bureaucrats.
In France, the “Yellow Vests” organized and erupted, and have been staging some pretty rough demonstrations all over the country. Their focus was another insane tax on them, the workers, the commuters, the breadwinners of the nation who rightly have had enough.
The socialist, Macron arrogantly thought that he could just dump on his citizens to grab more of their increasingly precious money to support the spiraling costs of more expensive socialist programs, principally welfare to feed and house the parasites from North and West Africa who insist that the Dhimmi natives serve and provide for them.
Of note, the initial, the principal “Yellow Vests” are native (Caucasian) Frenchmen. The demonstrations started in or near working class neighborhoods and take place on weekends (because the “Yellow Vests” work five days a week). While the “Yellow Vest” movement started in France, it is catching on in Belgium, the Netherlands, England, and Italy. It will spread.
A “Yellow Vest” movement of a sort is rising up in the USA in support of President Trump and the essential, much needed border wall that the socialist progressive New World Order globalists desperately hate. These globalists want open borders so that they can bring in more parasites to crush we-the-people who work and pay taxes and ultimately turn us into Dhimmi/serfs in a horrible, Orwellian, “utopia’ of misery, pain, poverty, suffering, and ignorance.
The EU is facing an existential threat from their former subjects. Those parasites that they have imported in are followers of Mohammed’s evil, bigoted, biased ideological cult, Mohammedism. They demand more every day. They bully and steal from the European native “Dhimmis”. They rape (Sweden is now the rape capital of the world closely followed by Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, italy and others), murder, torture, enslave young girls for prostitution, and more with seeming impunity because those same stupid unelected bureaucrats working in concert with some elected leaders want to utterly destroy the fabric of Europe. Chief among them are arrogant, greedy Globalists like Macron, the former East German Stasi Communist Merkel, the loathsome Theresa May (a lap dog to London’s Mayor Khan) and others.
Former East European nations are, to the dismay of EU bureaucrats and their criminal allies, wisely not buying in to this Islamification program. Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czechs, Serbia, Armenia, Romania and others such as Russia and the Ukraine have long memories of horrible dealings by marauding, conquest-oriented Islamists.
The Islam controlled UN (Useless Nations) has initiated an unmitigated disaster, the Global Compact on Refugees compelling all nations to allow in a never-ending flow of Islamist migrants, a hijra of conquest. Any civilized nation that submits to this Islamic command will soon become another uncivilized place of fear, hatred, ignorance, poverty, suffering, terror, greed, abuse, and more such as Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Indonesia, Somalia, and 47 other Islamist utopias.
Globalism my ass!

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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