It’s December already! Will 2018 be much different?

The City of San Francisco collectively murdered Kate Steinle and turned the tool of their ugliness loose this week. I believe that some vigilante justice is in order where extra-legal actions could be taken regarding the politicians who made San Francisco into such a disgusting pit of depravity. As went Rome, so shall go San Francisco.
There will be consequences: The Department of Justice plans to arrest the triggerman and deal with him appropriately. In this connection, can he DOJ arrest and prosecute some officials in Frisco for harboring a criminal, or something along that line? The jury of hand-picked losers will be dealt with in their own time. The actions of San Francisco have re-enforced and actually provided support to the President’s determination to build that wall bigger and higher; the determination of Attorney General Sessions to enforce Federal laws and take punitive actions against the city; ICE’s ability to stalk the streets of the pit and remove criminals; decent citizens to do what they need to do, and more. President Trump’s ongoing actions against sanctuary cities has been re-enforced by the City of San Francisco, DACA is further imperiled.

President Trump’s actions are driving the frenzied left to hysterical distraction, literally. He accomplishes more in a day than his predecessors did in weeks. The hysterical left can’t keep pace with the President and it really shows. To this end, the Commies are spending a ton of money trying to convince themselves that they can impeach the President. HAH!
His recent re-tweets about Islamic abuses in the UK have drawn the world’s attention with knee-jerk condemnation by governments terrified of their own Moslems and who believe appeasement is a solution. History will not deal nicely with the likes of often hijab clad Theresa May and her foolish multicultural fantasies. President Trump has received resounding acclaim by governments and leaders of courage and fortitude – but you won’t hear that from the Mainstream Media.
The left is frantically proclaiming that all manner of calamities will join the falling sky because “in their humble opinions and the humble opinions of their hireling shrinks” the President has lost his marbles. FAUX news!
President Trump’s so-called irrational actions have brought about historical highs in the stock market increasing the portfolios of millions of mom & pop investors by 40% in the past year; millions of new and/or better jobs; billions in investments that will create yet more jobs; health care that will ultimately be more beneficial by a magnitude over the oh-so corrupt and failing Communistic Obamacare, Historical tax changes that will benefit 100% of Americans (including high roller Democrats); ongoing work to enhance our nation’s infrastructure, and the list grows and marches on.
President Trump’s predecessors of sixty years’ grossly neglectful dealing with the North Koreans have resulted in a nuclear armed lunatic capable of unleashing incredible harm on you and I. President Trump has courageously determined that he will not shirk his Constitutional duties to protect this nation. For this, the Communist left is whining and wailing that the POTUS is endangering America. C’mon fools! Wake up to reality.

After a year, the increasingly desperate hatchet-man, Mueller has pitifully little to show for his failing five million dollar+ fishing expedition to find Trump guilty of collusion with the Russians. He has netted three small fish so far – pretty expensive angling. At the same time, Mueller has been b*t*h slapped in the face with tons of evidence pointing at Hillary’s conspiring with the Russians, paying for phony exposes of Trump, her shepherding the traitorous transfer of American strategic materials to Russia for a $145,000,000.00 bribe, and more that Mueller is working hard to avoid. What will be done with the overwhelming evidence that she compromised national security, and likely caused the deaths of countless American allies? Hillary abandoned brave Americans in Libya five years ago and still claims the video did it. She is an unindicted felon who ought to be treated like a felon, put in irons and locked away in an isolated high security prison cell at Fort Knox.
Is there a judicial double standard in America? Are the political elite (Hillary and her crime syndicate) treated with one set of law non-enforcement actions on one hand while folks like you and I are harshly treated for any infraction? This is the elitism is the seeding of a violent revolution by true patriots!

A very competent businessman, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been handicapped by Trump’s favorite daughter’s husband. An amateurish Jared Kushner has tried and failed to be a shadow Secretary of State along with a couple of other White House denizens who have undermined Tillerson. Also, politicians of the left have worked against Tillerson while he has successfully sent many liberals (“best and brightest” NOT) at State into retirement and then refused to fill the useless, non-productive positions that they occupied. Tillerson is not liked by the useless liberal (Communist) hierarchy at State. This is good.

The vermin who infest Sacramento in Comiefornia, are facing consequences for arbitrarily and sneakily upping gas taxes on those of us who need to pay our own way to get around. This issue will be on the ballot in 2018, and hopefully fifty billion dollars will be put back into the pockets of real Californians and out of reach of the vermin. Will more Californians wake up to the fact that they are living in a virtual dictatorship and act (vote) accordingly?

Consequential gigolo eruptions have landed in the laps of a swelling list of smarmy entertainment industry elites. The same pox is hitting Congress with its multi-million dollar taxpayer funded slush fund to pay off victims of sexual predators who stalk the halls of Congress. It’s too little, too late, but very necessary and welcome.

The word “Christmas” is being respected and used (It’s still a dirty word as far as Christophobes and America haters are concerned). America’s incredible First Lady, Melania Trump has made the White House resplendent with Christmas cheer that we Americans have not seen in many years. For a change, we real Americans can honestly be proud of America and its First Family.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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