On Friday, December 22nd, President Trump signed off on new, lower, taxes for the foreseeable future, said a few inspiring words, wished the world A Merry Christmas, and flew off to Florida for a well-earned break.
Since taking office on January 20, 2017, President Trump has kept untold numbers of promise with over sixty major or significant accomplishments, and thousands of other successes. He dumped America’s involvement in a fake Agenda 21/2030 climate change program that blames America with about 5% of the world’s population for 95% of its pollution. Obamacare is sliding into the trash bin of history’s worst ideas and greatest rip-offs. The North Koreans’ bullying has been challenged and Trump is putting the pressure on them (and their Chinese and Russian partners) layer by layer to defang the Rocket boy.
During the past few weeks, President Trump, exercising the right of the sovereign United States of America recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announced that our American Embassy would be relocated to Jerusalem as soon as feasible. Naturally, the left went off wailing and gnashing their teeth, loopy Pelosi accompanied by Mad Maxine claimed that the world would come to an end, and the leaders of the Arab/Moslem/Palestinian world called for three days of (ho-hum) violence. We’re still here. Predictably, the anti-American Useless/United Nations passed a resolution condemning America’s standing tall.
Ambassador Niki Haley notified UN members that the USA would take names, and when member nations came to us hat-in-hand, we would remember how we were treated. This is waaayyy overdue!
We pay the major share of the UN’s bills, and dozens of banana republic member states who fail to pay rents and utilities in New York always come begging when their utilities are shut down and landlords start kicking doors in. The State Department’s Office of Protocol has a discretionary budget that they can use to bail these outfits out.
As he was headed for his helicopter, the desperate media, as stupid as usual, asked the inane question, if he would be firing Special Prosecutor Mueller? Why in the world would Trump throw sand on his historic year of greatness? The collective left of America have been flummoxed and don’t know what to do aside from pinning their hopes on a failing investigation, and sound their foolish battle cry of Impeach! Impeach!
Mueller’s nearly year-long, 7+ million dollar “keystone cops” bigoted boondoggle quest for criminal collusion between Trump and the Russians has yielded three small-fry on unrelated petty crimes. Score this one for Trump, and tag Mueller as a loser. The fabled “dossier” put together by a failed British spy, Hillary and her minions, and FBI agents themselves is sputtering and will soon be more ashes.
Mueller has apparently obtained information illegally from the GSA rendering all of the information he got there useless. A rabidly anti-Trump bigot, Mueller staffed up with likewise mad dog FBI agents who have been falling away because of their openly hostile tweeting, factual involvement in the Hillary cover-up, and their own involvement (colluding) with Russians and criminals in creating an amateurish “dossier” that is meaningless.
Mueller’s miserable fishing activities are becoming President Trump’s “Get Out of Jail” card as Mueller’s stumble bum keystone cops keep making dumb mistakes and overturning more and more exculpatory evidence that President Trump’s attorneys can use in his defense and eventually to let those agents hang themselves.
Former FBI Director and close Hillary confidant and recipient of her largesse, James Comey is not yet off of the hook and may soon see himself on the receiving end of justice. His sidekick, McCabe, failed miserably in Congressional hearings with his foolish obfuscation and lying, and as a consequence is resigning. The Justice Department’s Deputy Director, Rod Rosenstein, another lying, crooked Comey henchman looked like a deer caught in the headlights at a Congressional hearing as he bungled and bumbled. The dogs will soon start turning on one-another.
Is the FBI an out of control law unto itself? In my book, EXPERIENCING ISLAM, I devoted several chapters to the FBI and asked: “if the FBI is the top cop, who checks on the FBI?” The answer, of course is the DOJ. It is very apparent however, that rogue officials in the FBI and DOJ were colluding to illegally remove the Sitting President of the United States. This is treason.
The FBI has a huge number of good, decent, loyal agents who serve our country in exemplary form. The FBI also has some less than stellar agents who for one reason or another are compromised and cannot be trusted. Many have risen to the top and need to be weeded out.
In the 1960’s, the FBI were referred to as the men in grey flannel suits. In recent years they are merely referred to as “suits”.
I was often told to be very careful of the “suits” who could not be trusted. It’s well understood within the National Security agencies that the FBI is a “black hole” where you can send information in and never get anything back, no feedback, just silence. I took my lessons to heart and never gave anything up to the “suits”.
The “suits” get communications from other agencies. A great CIA agent served our nation for many years in Iraq, and when he returned after finishing his assignment, “suits” met and handcuffed him at the airport. His apparent offense was that he gave booze as a form of payment to an Iraqi informant. Apparently, there was some sort of rule that giving booze to a Moslem might corrupt their faith. The “suits” look for opportunities to destroy the careers of wonderful patriots for such reasons.
A dozen years ago, a Syrian woman debated some Moslem holy men on Arab TV (English subtitles) and humiliated them. She soon received some very egregious death threats that scared her enough to cause her to phone the FBI’s 800 phone number seeking help. She lived in the city of Corona, Riverside county, CA. [Like all bureaucracies, they all have strictly defined boundaries]. An FBI agent, a Moslem, from the Los Angeles office showed up and rather than render any assistance, read her the riot act and frightened her so badly that she abandoned her home that evening. When I learned of this, I brought it to the attention of the Riverside FBI Agent-In-Charge who became very upset. I left it at that.
There is an area of Santa Monica where people flock to on Saturday nights to see and to be seen. A significant percentage of them are Moslems who get really upset with some Christians who provide information not complimentary (truths and facts about Islam) about Islam to people. Things often get ugly. As observer, I started noticing some trends in their behavior, and notified the FBI’s Joint Terror Task Force (JTTF Los Angeles) and Santa Monica Police to let them know about my concerns. The following Saturday, the Moslem presence was gone. The message to me was loud and clear that Moslems in the FBI office had “ratted” the information out to the Moslem community. This certainly served to provide safety to the non-Moslems, but also notified any Moslems who might lead an attack on the messengers of the risks to them.
Following 9/11, the FBI and dozens of other agencies rushed out to hire Arabic speakers for their intelligence divisions. The Moslem Brotherhood had already infiltrated the FBI, DHS and others and made sure that no (Zero) Christian or Jewish Arabic speakers got employed. In this way, the Islamists in our government control the intelligence flowing to our leaders, a lot of which is not provided or is doctored.
President Trump is apparently a workaholic and loves to work. Plan on him returning after the new year with another “TO DO” list that will drive the haters to renew their war chant of Impeach, Impeach.
We pretty much understand that the Mueller fishing expedition is history and shouldn’t detract much from the President’s important pro-American agenda of Making America Greater. One of the things on that agenda is likely to include cleaning swamp dwellers out of the FBI and DOJ. While the President cannot have much confidence in FBI or Justice Department investigators, he can draw from police forces or agencies such as the DEA, USSS, Interior Department, Treasury, etc. He may need more than one Special Prosecutor. The targets need to be the entire Hillary cabal, the Clinton Foundation including offshore monies, who murdered Seth Richards, and more.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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