By James E Horn

The leftist media, like frantic drug addicts are hooked on what they claim is direct Russian involvement in the election that President Trump won. They are so intolerant of President Trump that like drowning rats, they cling to a hollow straw.
That’s SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fouled Up). The Mexico owned New York Times is in a tizzy reporting that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer at some point, but didn’t mention that the meeting was arranged by a Democrat operative. The (Mexican) Times also reported that Russians (OH my Gosh!) met on how to influence the Trump team at some point. Wow!
It is a certainty that Russia is involved in American politics. This dates to the Revolutionary war. As shown on OAN News’s breaks, the Russians helped the fledgling American colonies in the Revolutionary War, and fought alongside of the USA in two world wars. The Russians have been our friends much longer than they have been our foes. Russia today is a strategic competitor, not a foe.
In one instance, President Putin has opined that the USA and Russia are destined to be allies in the coming wars with Islam.
From the end of World War II, the Stalinist/hard core Communist USSR was our cold war adversary supporting the Chinese and North Koreans in the Korean war, assisting the Vietnamese in that horrible war, Fidel Castro, and other America haters until the USSR failed and fell apart.
During those years and ever since, Russians have been involved in American politics and even governance in ways both bad and good as depicted in the old Spy vs. Spy cartoons in Mad Magazine.
Not only Russia has been involved. The French, the British, the Chinese (who bought Slick Willie’s Presidency and owned him for a while), the Canadians, the Australians, Western Europe, the Koreans (both North and South), Mexico, and the Islamists have been involved in more ways than many people know or understand. Both elected and appointed American political leaders as well as their worker bees (including a hell of a lot of just plain citizens) have been murdered, promoted, sacrificed, accepted all manner of bribes, and flat out participated in un-American activities. It’s going on today, just look at the MSM, the Clinton gang, Barak Obama, and the Moslem Brotherhood, George Soros, OPEC, and even the UN to name just a few.
Getting back to Russia, the MSM’s topic do jour.
Donald Trump the consummately successful entrepreneur and Russian Chess Master Vladimir Putin had their first face-t0-face meeting at the G20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany. They were together for two hours, and you can bet that they worked out some arrangements important to all of us. Information released to the media only titillate but don’t reveal the truths and facts of that meeting. Both are adroit at obfuscation. That’s why both are winners.
Of course, Putin denied Russian involvement in our election, what would any reasonable person expect him to say. Still, the media made a big issue of this while President Trump’s team acknowledged something different.
If anyone asked if the USA has ever gotten involved in Russian politics, we would automatically deny such a truth. Spy vs. Spy!
Until the end of President Reagan’s term in office, the leadership of the USA and Russia were mutually aware of one-another’s strengths and weaknesses, and both respected one-another.
With the advent of the Clinton presidency, the Russians became concerned, very concerned. [I wrote about this with some explanatory detail my book EXPERIENCING ISLAM which was censored by the CIA.] They knew that the Chinese had gained powerful influence with Clinton. At the same time, the Chinese themselves became very concerned because they saw the Clinton gang swinging towards the Arabs, the Islamists, the umma (world of Islam). Willie Clinton and his nasty, treacherous wife, Hillary were playing different sides against the middle, all for as much money as they could stash – billions of dollars.
Both the Russians and the Chinese recognized that political leadership in the United States had become unstable and unreliable – fickle. Very flaky people were in the White House, and that was terrible news, frightening news. Simply, they were scared.
Within a year of the Clintons moving into the White House, Russian and Chinese intelligence operations in the USA ramped up with about a 400% increase in intelligence gathering activities – thousands of additional spies, analysts, and informants, more than the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA and others could keep up with. Other nations, both friends and foes shared the same concerns and ramped up their intelligence operations as well.
This did not wind down with the Bush (43) presidency because he had strings firmly attached to him that the Saudis were pulling. Bush’s invasion of Iraq was partially inspired by Saudis who control a significant part of the Bush family fortune.
The election of a Moslem president, Barak Hussein Obama was alarming and foreign intelligence operations ramped up again. With Obama in the Presidency, they had very serious concerns foreign intelligence operations ramped up further. Later when the Saudi financed and controlled double dealing Hillary Clinton ran for the presidency, the SHTF (Stuff Hit The Fan).
So, yes, we should have no doubt that the world (not just the Russians) turned their cyber warriors loose to do whatever they could to understand the who’s what’s, where’s, and what’s about the goings on in as much detail as they could, and perhaps influence the outcome, one way or another, of the Presidential election in 2016.
Clearly those who despise our liberty and freedom worked whatever they could for Hillary, and others concerned about Hillary’s mental health and proclivities to be very untrustworthy did what they could to hurt her campaign. To this day, the Democratic National Committee won’t let federal investigators look into their computers to see who may have committed cyber espionage there. Hillary carelessly (arrogantly is the more applicable term) had a very insecure and vulnerable computer server in the downstairs bathroom of her home with literally tons of intelligence that people could use, and probably acquired well before her minions erased her hard drives. One should not doubt that the Russians, the Chinese, the Arabs, the Venezuelans, the Cubans, the Germans, and a host of others including some kid down the road someplace have that information, and had she been elected, she would have become a hostage to them.
We will never get a definitive answer from President Putin about whether or not he (Russia) worked to influence our election one way or the other. We do know that Putin has a President Trump to deal with, and that President Trump is far less likely to do something goofy as would Hillary in a drunken rage.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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