By James E. Horn, July, 2017

Censorship is alive in America, very alive, very vicious, and very active. This activity of censoring, of controlling or limiting free speech is far more prevalent than most people understand or would believe.
The Deep State, or as I call them, The Dark Side (DSDS) despise most of us citizens, Americans, Patriots and our freedoms, our liberty.
Who are they? What are they? Where are they? Why?
Who are the Dark Side? Most are intolerant hard-core leftist Democratic socialist-progressive jihadists and Communists. They demonize and hate us with a passion and want to control and to enslave us. Before they can control us, they need to limit things that Make America Great. There are more! They include the United Nations leadership and many of its members, the Climate control gangs, and many more.
Many if not most of us have at one time or another, or more than one time have sworn a sacred oath to protect and defend our Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Most of us know our foreign enemies, but how many know the most egregious enemies, our domestic enemies who in fact are intolerant hard-core leftist Democratic Socialist-Progressive jihadists and Communists. They have been chipping away at the Constitution and our precious Bill of Rights for decades. Their primary targets are our First Amendment and its guarantor, the Second Amendment.
They are having successes and some failures, too.
The Main Stream Media (MSM), the ones that President Trump accurately portrays as purveyors of fake news (lies) are television programs and so-called news programs (that spew propaganda, not actual news), printed news media. Most prominent is the New York Times, and hundreds of other national and large circulation local newspapers, magazines, and so forth who are losing subscribers right and left and are bewildered. Bewildered at their loss of readers, really? They are thought control police who refuse to air or to print (letters to editors, articles, columns, press releases, columns, etc.) that run contrary to their intolerant hard-core leftist Democratic Socialist-Progressive jihadist and Communist viewpoint. The DSDS is imbedded with the MSM.
There are others whose out of control influence is so broad that they need to be brought under control and treated like a public utility. They, of course are internet entities such as Facebook twitter, YouTube, Google, and others. They arbitrarily remove material that they “deem” inappropriate, and punish users by shutting them down, blocking them for arbitrary periods of time, and so forth. Others like google (and Facebook) use various algorithms in their programming to relegate searches for materials or information they disapprove of to the hinterlands, and to bring forward propaganda that they like.
On the other side, smaller distribution newspapers and media are on the rise, especially talk radio – both providing honest news, thoughtful commentary and more to discerning people.
In 1965, President Johnson set a rule that any religious institution that spoke about or recommended certain actions regarding politics could have the IRS going after them to revoke their tax-free status. This is an act of hatred directed at decent, moral Americans. A fast growing “black robes brigade” (with thousands of pastors) has been challenging the government for years by discussing politics from the pulpit and even urging votes for certain political candidates and on various issues. The IRS has not challenged them. But then, the Imams and Mullahs leading thousands of Mosques send out requirements, commands for their members to vote for certain designated candidates and on certain issues.
There are hundreds of thousands of writers (and speakers) here in the United States who face political discrimination and censorship every day. While it is supposed to be illegal, librarians ban books regularly. Not all librarians do so, but a very large percentage of them do. I know this as a hard fact because I have almost been physically chased out of libraries where I wanted to donate copies of my books. Major, nationwide bookstores discriminate against writers and censor books and literature that is not pornographic. Many small, independent bookstores are also involved in discrimination.
When it comes to books, MSM and small distribution newspaper book reviewers also discriminate by refusing to review books, or pan them as being unworthy of cracking the cover open.
These censors cannot tolerate any form of robust discussion that they cannot control. Therefore, we must include educators and administrators of primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, and more. They illegally permit thugs on campuses as well as peers to disrupt or block speakers who just might divulge some truths and facts that the haters disagree with, or literature that speaks truths that they are uncomfortable with. They therefore deny adequate education to students and give faux degrees to and release woefully ignorant fools on society.
Our own government is guilty. It is widely understood that corruption is alive and well in government and known by people ranging from the lowest street sweeper to the halls of justice and the Congress. For years, there have been claims at all levels that anyone who reports corruption would be protected from retaliation. This is not so. (I speak from personal experience from my blowing the proverbial whistle regarding hundreds of millions of dollars at the Department of State). I reported fraud and my career was ruined.
Only a very few have the gumption or feel enough outrage to expose corruption (it is assumed that close to 100 men and women involved in one way or another with the Clinton syndicate have been murdered to keep them quiet).
Until the Congress and state governments take real action to protect whistle blowers and to prosecute (and imprison) those involved in corruption, billions of taxpayer dollars continue to flow into the pockets of the corrupt every year.
Other forms of censorship are often unnoticed such as when proud Americans are not allowed to fly or to display the American flag, or when they do desecration of the flag occurs.
Very recently, American Patriot and passionate free speaker Shawn Hannity has been denied a prestigious news media award just because he stalwartly supported President Trump’s long, arduous campaign.
The United Nations (along with dozens of sharia complains Islamist/Moslem countries) has repeatedly told American political, religious, and judicial leaders that we must censor speakers and writers who just might say something, anything that Moslems can find a reason to determine to be offensive to them and their exaggerated sensibilities. Anything that a non-Moslem says or writes can be considered blasphemous such as my books that speak the truth and divulge facts about Islam that they don’t like.
Moslems call my writings “hate speech” even though what I write and speak is simple truths based on genuine facts. I now include a section in the forward of my books that points out that I in fact love Moslems with detailed explanations.
The Moslem Brotherhood (outlawed in several countries including Moslem Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Kuwait) can operate freely in the United States. President Trump has spoken about outlawing the Brotherhood (MB) but hasn’t taken action yet. Could that be because the MB has infiltrated its agents of hatred into almost every government agency and they are influencing President Trump’s thinking and ability to serve the American people as he promised? The Moslem Brotherhood’s ‘mouthpiece’, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) (identified by the FBI as a criminal enterprise) is very busy working to block or limit any speakers that they, and they alone find ‘offensive’ to Mohammed and his merry band of jihadists. Increasingly, organizations that are including speakers that CAIR objects to are telling CAIR where to go. This is good.
More and more, American people are slowly waking up to the fact that their rights are being seriously interfered with. We don’t like it. Around the nation, Americans of good heart, decent values, and a deep concern for our precious Republic and the freedom and liberty of their future generations are rising up. Millions of us acquired guns, arsenals in some cases, in responses to Barak Hussein Obama’s insane hatred of us, our bibles and our guns. The DSDS is very fearful of us and they hate us. They are working in every way with money from fools like Michael Bloomberg, and the evil America hating George Soros to try to take away the guns of free Americans. They have allies in and out of our government. At the same time, a hugely popular t-shirt proclaims, “When guns are Outlawed, I’ll be an Outlaw!” People buying and wearing those shirts mean it – they are serious, and that scares the stuffing out of the snowflakes and buttercups.
The British, Australians, and others have passed laws outlawing guns and terrorists seem to have little trouble importing guns and other weapons of war into those countries. They outlawed guns to protect people from guns, and when they did so, their crime rates soared. Foolish legislators in Australia even demanded that all pointy knives be outlawed, collected, and destroyed; and others talked about destroying cricket bats and replacing them with soft plastic bats and cricket balls with whiffle balls.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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