America’s End? 4

America will not end in a flash or a bang. America might end with a whimper. If we get our stuff together, drain the swamp, lock, load, and bite the bullet we can win.

Before World War II, the greatest Republic ever seen on this earth was already a target for elimination by vile psychopaths who developed followings and successors of like-minded sycophants who have multiplied themselves and now walk among and target us.

Deep State NWO worshiping lunatics hold the highest levels of un-elected positions in our most sensitive agencies charged with protecting America, the DOD, DHS, FBI, and DOJ.

However, they are less interested in protecting we-the-people’s precious but fragile Republic than they are in protecting and promoting the Democratic Socialist Communist Deep State junta at the helm of the sham NWO supported government we face.

Led most recently by Obama, these vile critters were on cruise control until Donald J. Trump became the ruinous monkey wrench that destroyed Hillary’s machine.

Their consuming hatred of both President Trump and we-the-people is based on abject fear that Trump will keep America on the track of prosperity and greatness and they will be kicked aside. This is why Biden’s Department of INjustice sicked the FBI on President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago abode. The Deep State swamp tremble in fear of him while vast numbers of cognizant Americans are taking Trump’s side.

Citizens have been wakening to this increasing threat for years and are becoming very angry at what they see taking place. The Obama/Biden gang are wrecking our cities, destroying education, weakening legitimate law enforcement, using CRT to turn races into mortal foes, killing our economy, and more.

Gun sales are wildly up because good, decent people feel a need to protect themselves, even in their own homes. Reportedly, up to 40+% of Americans fear that a real civil war will break out and are seriously prepared to take up arms. Their fear and anger are palpable. We seriously fear for President Trump’s safety.

Now, and army of gun toting trigger happy IRS regime thugs will be loosed on citizens who burp, to “audit” our thoughts and everything else (Orwellian style), raid ours homes, and seize our property and weapons (

Don’t forget the principle of the seven “Ps” — Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Never, ever sign any form/s presented to you by ANY federal authorities without first reading it/them and making sure you understand every nuance and word. Refuse if you don’t understand. Demand it be presented to you in plain, simple to understand English (or your native language), not bureaucratese gibberish.

Be smart. Thumb drives are inexpensive. Know that the FBI, IRS and others like to do nothing more than ruin and mess up your lives by stealing computers, etc. Using thumb drives, make multiple back-ups of all of your computer files, and repeat often. Stash those vital records in multiple locations.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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4 thoughts on “America’s End?

  • Robin

    Excellent analysis. It is incredible how many “Americans” hate this great nation. There is still time to save our country … Republicans need to win Congress in November and then do more than conduct hearings.

  • Zorina

    Thanks Jim, people need this support, education and advise. The evil in our Government has been allowed to destroy way too much way to long. They have indoctrinated our youth for too many years and we are suffering as this result. The Rinos and Socialist are evil criminals with intentions to destroy, they should not be allowed to run for any positions of power or education. “They are the enemy!, how should enemies be treated ! ! ! YOUR DO NOT GIVE THEM OUR YOUTH TO INDOCTRINATE AND OUR COUNTRY TO DESTROY! If detected they should be fired on the spot. America has been too lazy and generous with our freedoms and have not taken the necessary steps to avoid what has been happening for years! ! !. Allowing Socialist to run for office is just plain stupid! America must take a strong stand to prevent obvious evil and destruction. Borders are critical. No other country is a dumb as America has been. Look at Mexicos Immigration Policy. They don’t sell their land to anyone. America is allowing China buy up POWER ! ! and Bill Gates buying up our Farmlands, to eliminate our farm animals to change our diet to eating bugs! WAKE UP AMERICA! The lack of protecting what we value is now coming back to destroy us. What happened to having a backbone, common sense and protecting the best country in the world, what you value, family, state and country and our Christian values. The destruction of this country has been going on for far too long. The Elitist, Deep State, One World Order, Islam with their known plans of take over and yet they are allowed to have a training center in Texas, no go zone in Michigan and else where, THESE THINGS MUST BE STOPPED. We are getting destroyed by what has been allowed by the weak and evil in our Government.