Cancel Culture, Banned, Booted, De-Platformed (a free booklet) 1

By James E. Horn

I’ve encountered the Censors. We have all at one time in one way or another been Censored.

Those doing or causing the censoring are predominantly sick, evil, intolerant tyrants. In the most part, they are not members of the civil or civilized culture.
A controversial writer and speaker, I have had my writing expressions removed, deleted, and shunned. Linkedin and YouTube have come after me. I don’t use them anymore. Facebook regularly sends me into temporary exile of up to 30-days. Twitter is notorious for banning or shadow banning decent, honest folks, giving people a time-out, temporary suspensions, or blocking people. I’ve been publishing books on AMAZON for ten years and have received both rave and nasty reviews. My principal topics have involved Islam, and followers of that political system routinely take offense with my writings which often bear quotes from Islamic scriptures or instructional literature. I tell the ruth, and that is my offense.
I have a seven-year-old instructional, educational book (or booklet) titled ISLAM IN THE WORKPLACE that targets business owners, Managers, Personnel Officers, Supervisors, etc. What I provided is not always complimentary about Islam, or Moslem workers.

After seven years, Amazon contacted me with:
[We’re contacting you regarding the following book(s):

Islam in the Workplace: Moslems in the Workplace
ASIN: 1499208618 B082H9Z9WH B00K9V2LOI B01FJ0FW9Y

During our review process, we found that your book(s) violate our content guidelines. As a result, we are not offering your book(s) for sale on Amazon.]

It is obvious to me that someone such as The Moslem Brotherhood or one of their minions such as the Council On American-Islamic Relations went to Amazon with a complaint. My response was that what I write is not as egregious as many Islamic offerings. Amazon merely reiterated that they were taking it down. I contacted and was told by an attorney that as a private business, Amazon can do as they wish.
So, as the book is no longer available for sale on Amazon, I am providing the main text (below) for free. You have my full permission to reproduce, to forward, to share, donate, give away as you see fit.

ISLAM IN THE WORKPLACE (Moslems In the workplace)

A guideline for employers, managers, and supervisors to control infiltration
and on the job abuse by

A commentary
By James E. Horn


CLARIFICATION: Let’s be perfectly clear: The author is not denigrating a faith based religion that seeks a relationship with a deity or provides for personal salvation.


The author is an experienced professional in Human Resources and cultural interaction.

The author lived, worked and traveled in the world of Islam for a decade, and has indeed come to know and to really appreciate some really nice, good, decent, courageous, civilized Moslems who dared to befriend him. One saved the author’s life and is in the author’s thoughts and prayers daily, asking that God bring him to heaven. These few rare, wonderful and courageous Moslems are apostates in the eyes of Islam, Islam’s sharia compliant Moslems, and others who only know hatred and bigotry as taught by Mohammed.

The author has been accused of being a Moslem hater by those who detest the truth: The author cherishes Moslems who truly (by deed and action, not by exercise of hollow words):
 Don’t barbarically hack people to death on the streets, plant anti-personnel bombs at athletic events, or don’t blow up bus loads of innocent women and children, take hostage, rape and murder over three hundred children in a Russian school;
 Will fight to preserve our Constitution, and do not preach or call for the overthrow of our Constitution – practice sedition; or work to undermine the Bill of Rights;
 Who don’t want to deny non-Moslems (they call us filthy kafirs and infidels) equal civil and political rights, in particular the First Amendment – freedom of expression, freedom to criticize the political, malignant ideology of Islam, the hatred spewed out in the Koran, or the cult of Mohammed;
 Who don’t murder fellow soldiers while wailing “Allahu Akhbar”, or shoot their fellow soldiers and allies in the back;
 Who don’t use non-Moslem scriptures for toilet paper;
 Who don’t feel it is their barbaric right to marry and then rape 6-year old girls;
 Who don’t sexually mutilate their wives or daughters; or murder them for the sake of “honor“, or force them to wear the equivalent of gunny sacks to preserve their “modesty“ (or hide their bruises and broken teeth), or beat them into submission;
 Who don’t feel it is their divine right and duty to humiliate, abuse, steal from, torment, torture, mutilate, or murder non-Moslem kafirs and infidels, and who don’t block Christians in their churches and then burn them all, decent men, good women, and innocent children;
 Who don’t want to colonize America in the name of the cult of Islam and create a bigoted, biased Sharia compliant Islamist (fascist) dominated government with an un-elected Caliph as head of everything we do, and impose religious nutjobs as judges with absolute authority over our lives..
 Who don’t use mosques, their homes, and businesses as places to collect funds used to support terrorism; who don’t use mosques to politically indoctrinate young people in the hatred of kafirs and infidels – non-Moslems; who don’t tell followers of Islam to emulate Mohammed, an admitted rapist, pedophile, misogynist, thief, murderer, liar, and more.
 Who don’t lie (takiyya) and distort (kitman) to deceive decent, naïve people about the true ideology of the religion of hatred (Islam)
 Who accept the right of Jewish children to grow up and live their lives safely in Israel.
 Who won’t pretend (lie) and deceive real, decent, good hearted, kind, generous people by merely claiming any or all of the above. Actions speak louder than words.
 Who don’t shirk their responsibilities and duties as loyal American citizens.
 Who are ethical in the civilized sense and recognize all human beings as equal under both God and our Constitutional laws, and don’t follow Mohammed’s teaching that the only humans are Moslems
 Who actually work for a living and eschew living off of welfare, soaking others for their care.
 Love dogs, tolerate pigs, and don’t practice the torture of animals in their halal butchering.

Hate is a meaningful, ugly word that is frequently used in the ‘infallible’ Koran, the Sira and the Ahadith. It is used in reference to non-Moslems in general.

According to the Koran and teachings of Mohammed, this author and others like him are to be hated and despised.

The author finds hateful — the political ideology of (the nearly 87% of that malignancy of political Islam on the human race which is focused on dominating, demonizing, stealing from, abusing, humiliating, mutilating, and brutally murdering non-Moslems) — to be worthy of hating; political, fascist Islam.


In recent years, a new phenomenon has crawled into the American workplace: The need for religious accommodation at a level unsurpassed in the experience or knowledge of most organizations (hereinafter inclusively meaning with businesses) and business owners, managers, and HR personnel.

The purpose of this guideline is to introduce those prudent leaders to this new challenge to their authority and the good management of their enterprises.

This new challenge is sometimes referred to as RELIGION in the workplace. Islam in the Workplace has affected some companies negatively, is affecting others negatively, and can affect you in a malignant manner with a disastrous impact on your bottom line – profits and achievement of goals and objectives.

Companies have been caught unaware, have been challenged and suffered nightmarish losses and setbacks due to a lack of understanding, diligence, and further damage has been suffered because of their legal assistance’s similar lack of understanding compounded by a lack of knowledge or understanding on the bench. The result has been costly in terms of cash, income, employee morale, business performance, and negative impacts on corporate bottom lines. Some organizations have unfortunately folded and companies have closed their doors under the impact of religious accommodation. Such outcomes are grievous to all decent people who are subject to this type of adversity.
This guideline can help to avoid serious pitfalls that you face, and what the author calls the train wreck that is headed your way; and how to understand and derail that train wreck.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a criminal enterprise. CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial that led to the convictions of several terrorists for their involvement in money laundering and illegally passing that money to terrorist groups in the Middle East. CAIR, an organ, the mouthpiece of the Moslem Brotherhood was established by active terrorist members of the terrorist Hamas and the Moslem Student Association (MSA). Three of the founding members of CAIR have been convicted of terrorism and sent to prison and/or deported.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) offers an ‘employer’s guide to religious accommodation’. Following this biased one-sided guideline is accepting an imposition of religious, cultural, social, legal, and political beliefs on those of us who are not Moslem.

The CAIR guideline specifically is how to let Islamist bullies run/ruin your business.

Most who are affected by this gross imposition are honest, decent, responsible, hard working people. The consequences of such so-called religious accommodation as discussed herein are severely if not cripplingly detrimental to business that have almost uniformly seen the quality of their products decline, experienced diminished production, reduced competitiveness, and have seen employee morale decline. No real benefits have accrued.

The CAIR is a proponent of totalitarian (sharia compliant Islam) government to replace our Constitutional republic, and creating a two-tiered form of (Mohammed’s divinely ordained) bigoted government with Islamists in control and enjoying supremacy over non-Moslems.

One of the many ways this effort is being done by CAIR and others is through the insidious imposition of their Islamic rules on employers, a form of social conditioning, or brainwashing beginning the establishment in our minds of the status of being inferior beings fearfully subservient to Islam, and eventually virtual slaves to sharia driven Moslems…

Companies such as Dell Computers and Whirlpool have reportedly been sued over the issue of Islamic religious accommodation. Bad decisions arose where apparently misinformed judges may have imprudently ruled against companies who are ignorant of and about Islamic supremism.

Other companies are being increasingly held hostage by employees who are promoting political Islam in the workplace: A woman stealthily sought employment from TARGET and once ensconced and fully cognizant of her job duties and responsibilities in her job suddenly determined that she would not process purchasers’ pork based products at the cash register. The company was caught by surprise, made unfortunately decisions, and was compelled to accommodate her. TARGET is stuck in a rut of their own making based on ignorance of what they should have done.

A woman stealthily joined Disneyland in California knowing the company had a strict dress code. After gaining her position, she suddenly decided to start wearing religious garb that was pronounced and in violation of the corporate dress code. Caught in an unforeseen trap of ignorance, Disney bowed and created a new set of uniforms to comply with their Islamic employee’s demands. Visitors to Disneyland are now subjected to subliminal messages of Islam’s increasingly dominant presence in the lives of their children based on newly created attire for cast members. This is wrong and righteous parents and grandparents should have second thoughts about subjecting their offspring to this indoctrination.

A major bank employed a woman who later ‘decided’ that she needed to wear pronounced Islamic identifiable garb at her teller’s position. Eventually she was fired (costly litigation) even though there were myriad threats to boycott the bank and cause it all sorts of mayhem; threats of violence and more. The bank is still in operation and thriving.

This is a lesson. Companies that thwart Islamist bullies and intimidators will survive and will thrive in the face of evil.

The author believes that it is possible if not probable that judges who ruled against American companies failed to seek or take into consideration known and understood biased Islamic laws (sharia, which is dualistically bigoted and biased) and well established Islamic traditions that hold non-Moslems to be inferior.

The author quotes from a document produced by Islamist supremists at CAIR promoting what is genuine intolerance. The author offers opinions in italics regarding what this means and how do deal with those Orwellian Islamic guidelines. At the end, he offers a couple of vignettes and some pointers.


This author is most grateful to be in this great nation where the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America thankfully guarantees the right to speak out, to comment, and to express an opinion as is done herein.
This author is exposing but one anti-American position of political Islamists and is offering information to counter false claims by CAIR and its fellow traveler Islamists that are detrimental to decent, caring, honest citizens.
Political Islam is both diabolically and diametrically opposed to Western civilization’s Golden Rules of fairness, justice, equality, and liberty. That is what sharia — Islam’s dualistic bigoted, biased (new dark ages) compliance is about.
The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation (charity) which was found guilty of raising funds in America and sending those funds to terrorist organizations.
Once highly regarded by the FBI and others, CAIR is now identified as a terrorist oriented criminal enterprise. Criminal enterprises are unworthy of your respect. Five of the Holy Land Foundation’s officers (all closely associated with CAIR) were found guilty and imprisoned.


CAIR’S An employer’s Guide
to Religious Accommodation

(The original CAIR text is in normal script and
The author’s Commentary/opinions are italicized.)

CAIR: The events of September 11, 2001, significantly impacted our nation. As a result of these events, our workplaces have seen an increase in tensions and incidents directed towards employees because of their religion, ethnicity, national origin, and dress. Discrimination and harassment in the workplace is unlawful. Employers must fulfill their responsibility to assure that all employees are protected against discrimination and harassment.
Author: Apparently, there has been a significant increase in discrimination claims by sharia adherent Islam afflicted employees against employers and coworkers in the workplace. Many of these claims are provoked and/or inspired by outside sources. This activity is in itself a form of discrimination in an effort to establish obsequious dhimmitude* servile status on employers, managers, and employees. It is part of an insidious plan to create a frame of mind among non-Moslems that they are inferior to sharia compliant followers of Islam and must submit to Moslem/Islamic dominance.

CAIR: An employer is required to make an effort to accommodate an employee’s religious practices or beliefs when an employee makes a request. An employer’s refusal to accommodate is justified when the employer has made a good faith effort and can demonstrate that the accommodation would result in an “undue hardship” defined as an accommodation imposing more than a ‘de minimis’ (minimal, or very small) cost on the employer. Many accommodation cases involve requests for rearrangement of work schedules, time for religious observations (prayer), & wearing of religious clothing or symbols. In most cases, accommodation is little or no hardship to the employer.
Author: I believe that the rule requiring compliance applies to employers with fifteen or more employees. This may differ in different states. Employers with fewer than fifteen employees can also find themselves responding to demands for religious accommodation. The definitions of effort and minimal or very small are an issue here. An employer needs to establish what is minimal regarding time, effort involved, budget, facilities and management, architectural and engineering requirements, financial benefit (and loss), the impact on general employee morale, intercompany relations, profits and losses, attitudes, etc. If the ‘de minimis’ cost is demonstrably significant, the employer need not comply. A request from a Moslem can turn into a demand that can be onerous. In my opinion, it’s blackmail!


CAIR: As an employer, manager, or supervisor you can…. Send a companywide memorandum for the President or CEO reminding all employees to respect one another and maintain a work environment consistent with the company’s mission, core values and policies.
Author: Company officers can periodically issue a notice reminding all employees that they ought to respect one-another and work to maintain a harmonious workplace environment consistent with the company’s mission, core values, and policies, and then periodically restate them. One element of the statement can be to remind employees that uniform management policies are to be adhered to by ALL employees regardless of race, gender, ideological orientation, creed, or religion, and that religious proselytizing is prohibited, etc. Include in your definition of proselytizing being the wearing of religious symbols and religious garb such as starched collars, turbans, yarmulkes, prayer caps (called a kufi by Moslems), a burka or a hijab, orange robes, nun’s habit, other robes, veils, prominently displayed religious jewelry such as crosses or stars of David, Satanic, or Crescent Moon symbols, or other bodily adornments (including tattoos) such swastikas, Arabic quotes from religious books, unreasonable demands for religious accommodation, etc.

CAIR: Distribute and post reminders concerning the company’s EEO policies and the necessary steps to report complaints, questions, and concerns. Arrange meetings with management and staff to provide training and invite feedback on alleviating workplace tensions.
Author: Your EEO policies ought to be in your employee handbook. When meetings are arranged, set strict ground rules. As soon as they are violated, end the meeting. Note that a key word used by CAIR is training – which in fact means pro-Islamic indoctrination (brainwashing and social conditioning), and if you, the employer are asked to provide such “sensitivity” training, be sure to provide training in equal amounts as to time and materials, indicating in your training that Moslems need to be just as sensitive and respectful to others as they demand from others. Control the session by limiting debate or response time on any one question or statement to three or so minutes, using a chess player’s timer connected to a gong, etc. Cut the microphone off if anyone goes over the limit. When a meeting is held, it is expected by the Islamists that a dialogue be pursued. In my experience, most Islamists seem to believe that a “dialogue”is where they instruct, and you listen. You must control and limit the dialogue with a time clock. Be prepared to end the meeting if things get out of hand, and have this rule as a condition to the meeting. If someone commences with”dialoguing” – lecturing without cease, end the session, or meeting entirely.

CAIR: Provide a speakers’ series on religious diversity, Islam, and other faiths during lunch or other convenient times.
Author: In my opinion, this is a one sided trap to be avoided. If you offer a speakers’ series on anything, it ought to be after normal business hours with optional attendance. Be sure to limit the time for each presentation, and permit presentations only when a full balance of vetted presenters are arranged for, and be sure you or a fair and balanced third party does the organizing and the vetting. Anticipate that the Islamists will want one of their own highly polished propaganda specialists to make a presentation, and you really need to carefully but assuredly include knowledgeable, experienced Christians (both Eastern Orthodox, as well as American), Hindus, Buddhists, Shintos, Dhaoists, agnostics, athiests, etc., who are both cognizant of Islqam and aree able to make credible presentations to assure a broad-based and very balanced program. If you don’t do this, you lose, everyone loses.
A fundamental truth: People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them. Understanding this going in will save a lot of grief.

CAIR: Sponsor events to promote cultural and religious tolerance and understanding.
Author: CAIR is being repetitive. In my opinion, the Islamists are only interested in promoting their own cultural, social, political, and religious agenda, and you must assure that events are balanced and include presenting other religious, social, and political agendas as well.
You must control these events to make sure that they are not dominated by any one religious, social, political, or cultural group. Cookouts with foods of the world, including
pork products, shellfish, mutton, chicken, beef, sushi, hot dogs, etc. need to be a part of the menu. If it is an evening affair, have a mix of music ranging from Greek, Turkish, Italian, Oriental, opera, vocals, rock & roll, jazz, and classical as well. Include adult beverages. The décor can include pictures of some of the world’s finest architecture (the Blue Mosque comes to mind),a reproduction of the Mona Lisa, pictures from the Vatican such as the Last Supper) as well as modern art with reproductions, including sporting event posters, etc., including statues.

CAIR; As an HR professional, you can… Develop and update EEO and harassment policies to include religion, ethnicity, and national origin.
Author: EEO policies should include language that is consistent with that provided by US and local laws. Harassment policies are important here, and again, they need to include language forbidding ostentatious or offensive promotion of religious, social, cultural, and/or political beliefs or trying to impose religious, social, political, or cultural imperatives on other employees or the company.

CAIR: Train and update managers to assure their understanding of EEO and the Religious Accommodation Laws, as well as their obligation to respond immediately to any complaint of harassment or discrimination.
Author: Train and update managers to assure they thoroughly understand EEO laws and regulations as well as religious accommodations, so that they can also respond to unreasonable over-zealous demands, etc.

CAIR: Assure managers of HR’s availability and the procedures to respond quickly and thoroughly to complaints and incidents.
Author: Assure managers that you and your HR are available to answer their requests for information based on company policies and the law.
Be prepared!! Establish contact with one or more lawyers or law firms that specialize in HR affairs. Be sure the firm is a religiously neutral firm, and/or thoroughly familiar with the religions in play here.

CAIR: Ensure that your company’s policies are clearly explained and posted throughout the company.
Author: The proper word is ensure, not insure. Remember that the non-italic portions are a quote from another source – CAIR.
Also, be sure that each employee receives a copy of the employee handbook containing this information, and that each employee signs a receipt acknowledging that they have received it. It is their responsibility to familiarize themselves with its contents, and that violations of those policies can result in disciplinary action to include separation for
–In your employee handbook, indicate in the forward that it is the employee’s responsibility to read and to understand the handbook, and that if they have any questions or concerns, these should be brought to the attention of HR within the first 30-days of the employee’s employment period. If the employee neglects to do this, it is her or his problem. Respond to inquiries that are sincere in the form of an announcement showing the query, and the company’s response. This would be a way to keep ALL employees equally informed of these matters.
–All new employees should be subjected to a probationary period of at least six months during which they can be dismissed at any time for any reason. Many companies have established arbitration policies. Be sure to not use boilerplate renditions, and also be careful about the selection of arbitrators who in my opinion may be biased or ignorant and who ought to be excluded from consideration.

CAIR: Organize informational programs about Moslems and diversity in conjunction with the company’s diversity or training departments.
Author: Organize informational programs to accommodate not only Moslems, but especially others as well (as previously mentioned), and also inform all employees that they are under no obligation to attend these informational events.

CAIR: Provide a fact sheet or list of resources for educating employees on different religions and cultures.
Author: Create and provide a fact sheet to educate employees that there are dozens of religions and belief systems, social systems, and cultures, and that if they wish to learn more, the best resource for obtaining such information is at the public library, on the internet, or other venues at the employee’s own discretion. In this connection, no employee may insist on delivering (an imposition) to other employees any such information, which should be a cause for separation based on unauthorized proselytization.

CAIR: Conduct a crisis management course to focus on how a prolonged crisis affects work.
Author: Crisis management should be a part of your company’s Emergency Action Plan, and practice is a part of a successful and effective plan. A complaint levied by an employee is NOT a crisis requiring a panicky, rushed, uninformed response.
CAIR: Convey availability of in-house support (e.g. EAP and counseling) for employees to speak freely of concerns.
Author: Convey that employees who need career or EEO counseling can seek such with the Human Resources Offices or other informed officials of the company. Be clear that employees going through crises of other types need to seek outside help with professionals. A personal religious or cultural crisis should not be within your or the company’s purview.

CAIR: Consider employee-led philanthropy to raise donations and support community needs to boost morale.
Author: ATTENTION! This is an obvious ploy to get you to permit Moslems or Islamists to spread their propaganda and to badger fellow employees to give money to their philantropical causes which may include direct or indirect donations to terrorist organizations. (Islamic sharia law requires that eight percent (8%) of donations go to support jihad). Do not establish sign-ups for donations where employees can put their names on a list to be contacted after normal working hours by the fundraiser. This can become coercive.
Just put out a universal list of organizations where employees may send their donations. The United Way is one choice that lists hundreds of worthy charities. If large item donations such as toys for tots are involved, ask the Marines to come and handle this.

CAIR: As a manager you can… Check in with and reassure employees of Moslem, Middle Eastern, Arab, Muslim, and South Asian backgrounds of your support and availability to respond to any harassment or discrimination they may encounter in the workplace.
Author: This is clearly biased and discriminatory – to assure a specific group or groups of your support and availability to the exclusion of others is wrong or illegal. You need to be very clear that you will respond to any harassment or discrimination charges regardless of religion, culture, or ethnicity, and that this subject is a two way street, that bias or discrimination towards or harassment of anyone by anyone for any reason is not to be tolerated.

CAIR : Remind employees about anti-harassment policies and procedures to report unwanted behaviors based on one’s religion or ethnicity.
Author: By all means, remind employees of anti discrimination policies and responses; and also assure everyone that religious proselytization in the workplace is also forbidden.

CAIR: Educate yourself on basic foundations and practices of Islam and other faiths, and possible requests for accommodation.
Author: Educate yourself, yes, on all faiths, not just Islam. You owe it to yourself to learn. Please be careful that you don’t let yourself be brainwashed. If someone offers you a Qur’an(Koran) to read, understand that it has been carefully edited and prepared by expert modern propagandists and do not accurate lyreflect the full and true scope and meaning of the real Qur’an, and that these versions do stray from the original Arabic in that they soften, obscure, or omit the most violent, hateful, and belligerent anti-Christian and anti-Jewish (unbeliever) portions of the Qur’an. Softened phrases such as “strike their necks” in English versions of the Koran derive from the Arabic meaning of “cut their throats, or behead them” in the Arabic Koran.

CAIR: Recognize that even those who may not be overt in their Arab or Islamic identity may be suffering in subtle, discreet ways.
Author: Yes, do recognize this fact, and that not just Moslems or Arabs may be suffering in discreet ways. Everyone has a face, and everyone has a problem behind that face. Oversized or undersized people can suffer as well as people of different complexions or eye colors, or eye shapes, accents, handicaps, etc. Moslems are NOT unique in this sense other than that
some in my opinion and understanding may indeed be subjected to bullying, coercion, or abuse by other Moslems.
In this context, recognize that female Moslem employees may be suffering from abuses, bullying, intimidation or physical abuses away from work that affect them at work.

CAIR: Interrupt exclusive language, e.g. “those people” and jokes targeted towards one’s faith or ethnic background.
Author: Interrupt ABUSIVE and hostile language and crude jokes. Inform abusers that such behavior is unwarranted or unacceptable. Also, point out that good faith humor does go a long way and that anyone who does grasp its value, or does not want to participate can move away and ignore the humor especially if they fail to understand or grasp its meaning or benefits that can derive from such humor.
CAIR: Provide an opportunity for staff to learn about the diversity among Muslims and Middle Easterners. Be sure to find information that includes the Muslim and Arab perspective.
Author: Don’t go here!! This is a deep pit which intent is to condition or to brainwash you and others. Advise staff that if they wish to learn about other cultures, they can go to the library or seek other venues to learn — away from the workplace. You can remind people that all of us Americans come from widely diverse backgrounds and that everyone needs to be accepting and tolerant of others to foster a homogeneous environment.

CAIR: Model being inclusive, accepting, tolerant and nonjudgmental.
Author: Be inclusive, accepting, tolerant, and nonjudgmental, OK. Also do not tolerate those who are intolerant. [Sharia compliant and adherent Islamists can be among the most intolerant of people.] You are under no obligation to tolerate any obnoxious, aggressive, intolerant, or offensive behavior or abusive or hostile acts from or committed by anyone.

CAIR: Inform staff of professional help to deal with grief, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Author: Inform employees that they can freely seek – after work hours or on their own time and at their own expense – professional help to deal with their personal grief, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress or other disorders. They can take vacation time or leave-without-pay for this.
If a counseling need arises in response to an incident at the workplace, then this can be a part of your Emergency Action Plan – to bring in religiously and culturally knowledgeable and neutral grief counselors. If anyone demands counseling from a cleric, give them a limited amount (the same amount for each employee) of time off to seek their counseling away from the workplace.

CAIR: Be aware of dates of religious holidays to avoid setting major deadlines that conflict.
Author: Whoa pardner! This is another trap, a huge pit. For example, there are more than 150 Moslem, Buddhist, Christian, and Hindu religious holidays. Add many other world religious holidays, and you’ll never be able to set goals.
Inform everyone right up front that the company observes not more than ten official American holidays and sets professional and business deadlines according to its own
needs; that if anyone needs time off for any religious preference or observance, that is what vacation-leave or leave-without-pay if is for; and that requests for such absences be preapproved in accordance with your company leave request policies. You may be in a position to permit shift swaps, assignment substitutions, flex scheduling, etc., if these present no problem to you or your business, and if so, proceed. Do avoid violating any collective bargaining
agreements that you have.

CAIR: Provide opportunities for dialogue and awareness of religious and cultural diversity.
Author: Another tiresome repeat by CAIR which is intended to wear you down. Again, after-work opportunities for dialogue and religious awareness and diversity training are a personal choice — and be sure to inform everyone that attendance is not mandatory, and that it is not in the company’s interest to impose any unwanted or undesirable infringement on their personal time or rights.
Remember, that to many, a dialogue is a situation where you listen and they talk or instruct. Any and all ‘dialogues’ on company property should be under controlled circumstances with strict time limits that are enforced.


Criticism is now considered discrimination by some and is therefore considered to be a way of showing bias.

Employers have been sued for being critical in employee evaluations, promotions, and for any other personal or professional slight, perceived or real. This is a good reason why an employer really needs to carefully pre-screen applicants, and then have a prolonged probationary period of a couple of years before an employee can become permanently employed.

The USG typically requires two or more years of probation before am employee can qualify for permanent status.

Some universities take up to seven years before professors can become tenured. During the probationary period, an employee may be let go without reason. The probationary period is an opportunity to look for ways to justify retaining an employee, or deciding that one doesn’t fit.

Use that time prudently, and get rid of bad apples as soon as they begin to smell. If a former employee uses you or your company for a job reference and you are contacted in this regard, you have two choices: Recommend or another bad choice that can hurt you.

You have a third option: If you have fired an employee, or an employee has left under less than the best of circumstances, you can be sued for any derogatory comments or remarks that you might make. You can merely confirm that the former employee worked for you and leave it at that. If that employee is really bad news, you can ask the caller to please call you back and leave a message asking you to return their call if (and only if) you can recommend the employee as a good choice. The implication is that when you don’t return the call, you have nothing good to say.


The Koran and Mohammed have taught that Islamic men have a divine right to trample on all non-Moslems and Moslem females. And, they actually believe this.
Islam is much more than just a religion in the sense that non-Moslems view a faith system. Islam is a controlling social and political system much like communism, where adherents and subjects have few liberties or choices. Islamist proselytizers and propagandists are working to compel business managers to accept that they need to (as in must) address Islam on their, the Moslems/Islamist’s terms. This is nonsense. These colonialists are trying to tell us that America is a country unaccustomed to the Islamic faith and religious practices – they are telling us that we are obliged to change our culture and customs and to bow down to them and their demands. These demands are a form of social conditioning and brainwashing to prepare us and our society for what they hope to be an eventual takeover and installation of Islamic sharia political, societal, legal, and cultural dominance.
When a Moslem or Islamist brings up religion, he or she needs to be reminded that the United States is a melting pot and that everyone is welcome to join the process and to assimilate. For Islamists/Moslems this includes setting aside some of their beliefs and practices while dealing with Americans as they become an integral part of the greater American culture.

The Islamists actual goal is to condition Americans to accept a belief or understanding that they, the Moslems or Islamists, are a special group that is separate and MORE than equal to everyone who is not Moslem.

You must to point out at every opportunity that we are NOT going to accept their colonizing, brainwashing, and social conditioning activities.

If they, the Islamists, have a problem joining the American process, it is their problem, not yours; and you are under no obligation to compel your employees and staff to change your way of doing business to accommodate them. We need to remind Islamists that they are obliged to adhere to our laws – all of them, and that they need to show respect, tolerance, and consideration for OUR customs and practices, for our culture. And, we need to let the political Islamists know every day in every place and in every way that they must accept us and our laws; and that if they want to live here in peace and harmony, they need to adapt to us, not us to them.

You will be urged to let Moslem men wear beards and let Moslem women wear headscarves (called a hijab), and burkas (best described as head-to-toe cloaks) in the workplace.

Regarding Moslem women and their garb: If uniforms are a part of the company’s or organization’s workplace requirements, and an employee refuses to wear the uniform, that refusal provides grounds for termination of employment. You are under no obligation to permit someone to break your
Company’s rules. Make sure that this provision is included in your employee handbook.
Recent EEOC guidelines indicate that employers must provide accommodation for people who object to the uniform requirements. Employers are under no obligation to fund non-standard uniforms. Employees who wish to dress “differently” may do so at their own expense and own risk.
+++++[On an aside: In recent years, two Moslem women have been killed because their headgear got caught up in the running gear of recreational rides at amusement parks. Bearing this in mind, an amusement park corporation has prohibited women wearing such garb from participating in such activities – for their own safety.

Nevertheless, Islamists have sued this corporation for being discriminatory against Moslem females. The implication is that Moslem females have little value and if the corporation can be compelled to allow these females to ride under these risks and perhaps become maimed or killed, the corporations can then be sued for big bucks on the basis of negligence. By letting their females (who have little value) get killed, the Islamist men can harvest big bucks in the courts.

As with women who insist on wearing non-complying and potentially unsafe or even dangerous in the workplace, the recreational park operators can require that the females wanting to ride while wearing hazardous headgear must sign (or their adult – male guardians (female guardians have no standing in these cases) must sign a full hold harmless indemnity waiver in case the Moslem female participant gets injured or killed.+++++

When it comes to identification photographs, veils and hijab-head covers can be forbidden, as well as in the process of scrutiny for security or safety purposes (such as entering or leaving the premises), and other activities that require accurate visual identification, such as entering women’s sanitary/bathroom facilities. Under the shroud of a veil and burka, many men have entered women’s rest rooms…….

If an Islamist says anything about a veil being a requirement, you can be reasonably assured that you are being fed a line of balderdash – a lie. In no place in the Qur’an, or in Islamic law does it state that a woman must wear a hijab or a veil. It is a customary practice in Moslem/Islamist countries, not a law. That’s it. [During the time of Mohammed, it was customary for the wealthy and powerful to just take comely women as the wealthy and powerful men wished, use them sexually, and cast them off, or even enslave and sell them.] (It still happens to this day.)

To protect the “virtue” their wives and daughters, especially if they were attractive and desirable, men covered them in shapeless burkas, hijabs, and veils. They still do, and for the same reasons: To protect them from the lecherous. This
Was, and is a practice and a custom in parts of the world dominated by Islam, not a law. This is not the case here, in the civilized world today.

When a Moslem/Islamist states that wearing veils is required, customary, or preferred in their home country or culture, he or she may be right. A response is that the compelling of western or America women to wear head-to-toe garments in 120+ degree Arab countries is offensive to those women, but they are compelled to comply. So, too, ought Moslem women comply in America, with American laws, rules and customs that in some instances forbid wearing veils for obvious health and safety reasons, as well as for comfort in hot, humid climates.

Again, when you do allow specialized dress for anyone, you should require signed hold harmless indemnification waivers or other legal documentation that is worded to protect the company and its managers in cases of misunderstandings, injuries, or accidents attributable in any way to such accommodations. In this regard, you can hold those so accommodated to be professionally and financially accountable. You can require them to cover any costs for additional insurance coverage.

Include wording that lets the Islamist understand that some people may find their practices incomprehensible or even offensive; and that they (the Islamists) must be accepting, understanding, and tolerant of these people. Let them know that acts of intolerance on their part will not be approved of or be accepted…that they will be subject to discipline up to and including dismissal for acts in violation of company policies or U.S. laws. You can require bearded men to wear protective nets if they are involved in food preparation or serving, or any other activity requiring sanitation.

You may be compelled to provide a place for people to worship, unless you can demonstrate that such would be a genuine hardship. Do it if you can’t provide proof of the hardship. Provide a place of YOUR choice at a location in your facility of YOUR choice to accommodate ALL religions, not just one. You may find that you will have to provide folding or sliding, lockable walls or partitions to prevent vandalizing. If vandalizing occurs, you have the right to revoke the use of the facility to everyone, and to remove it. If for any reason you don’t revoke the facility, you have every right to record (audio and visual) all activities that take place therein. Be sure to let everyone know that such recording activities for safety and security and that the recordings are taking place.
Understand that at American embassies in Moslem countries, the Moslem employees work the same hours as the Americans, without extra or special time off for prayers. Islamic (Koranic) law permits that if there are circumstances where a person cannot pray during regular praying times, he or she may make up those missed times at the end of their day, or at another time. You can make this known to everyone in your workplace.

Make it a part of the employment contract that employees take no more time for their religious practices than which is permitted to other employees on their normal breaks, and that time used for religious purposes shall be considered their break. If anyone regardless of religious persuasion needs additional time for their religious activities, it must be without pay or be using vacation time, and note that any lack of commitment to the business or loss of productivity or profit can reflect on their performance evaluations, sustained employment, and career prospects.

There is no need for you to modify your established corporate work schedule to accommodate religious practices. You may offer alternatives as above, including facilities where Islamists can perform their ablutions such as foot and face washing which is usually in the lavatory. The CAIR says that: Moslem employees can pray in their offices and worksite or any other space that is quiet, clean, and dry. You can agree to this as long as these activities do not disrupt others’ work, present a health or safety hazard, disrupt, or offend other employees or customers.

CAIR also says that other workers should not walk in front of or interrupt a worshiper during prayer.
Author: No way! Worshipers may not impose activities or rules that disrupt other workers in the legitimate pursuit of their work or business activities and there is no requirement that you permit this. Make this very clear. Worshipers must do their praying where they do not present a hazard, inconvenience, cause a disruption or other problem for other employees or to customers.

CAIR: Employers need to allot time to attend Friday congregational prayers at a local mosque during an extended lunch break, and that work missed can be made up later in the day or in the early morning.
Author: Not if this is a problem for your business! The Islamists are trying to dictate to you and to control your schedule. Workers can take vacation time or leave-without pay for these purposes so long as their absence does not interfere with your business operations. You have no obligation to incur unreasonable expenses or hardships such as modifying your corporate or business rules, practices, and schedules to accommodate anyone. The same applies to Jewish worshipers who may also want time on Friday for their religious services, Catholics for confession, and any other day of the week for Buddhists to worship on their special worship day (the day of the week of their birth), etc.

CAIR advises/informs/instructs that during the (Islamic) month of Ramadan, Moslems fast.
Author: In my opinion, Islamists/Moslems whine/complain that Americans are unaware of and lack appreciation of Ramadan, etc. Who should care a whit if they’re not Moslem?
Again, your business or work schedule need not be amended to accommodate these religious, social, cultural, or political activities. If anyone wants to leave early to break their fast, it can be allowed at your discretion — on their, the employee’s dime, with leave without pay, etc. not at the company’s expense.

CAIR says that Moslems take off twice a year to celebrate Moslem Eid festivals.
Again, this can be permitted, on their vacation time, or time-off without pay, but giving them time off at company expense is not a reasonable obligation on the part of your company. If your company is one that does not allow people time off except when sick or without pay and in fact just shuts down for a period of time every year for a company vacation period, that is the way you run your business. If someone wants a special accommodation that causes harm to your business and you can demonstrate this, you win.

Don’t even begin to attempt to work out a schedule in advance for various religious activities. Moslems/Islamists as well as some others work off of a lunar calendar, so Moslem festivals (as well as Chinese, Buddhist, special days or events, etc.) will fall on a different real date every year. The Moslem
Eid is subject to the appearance of the moon. If the moon doesn’t appear (cloud cover?), Eid should not occur……

CAIR: Moslems have certain dietary requirements.
Author: OK, so do some other religious practitioners. If you have a cafeteria or other designated eating space, leave a corner that is pork and shellfish free. If your cafeteria prepares meals, let the Islamists and Jews have a space for preparing kosher or halal meals, or Hindus their vegan meals. If a substantial identifiable additional expense is involved, impose the costs (a surcharge) on those who require these accommodations. This would include accommodating practicing Catholics on meatless Fridays. Under no circumstances should you feel obliged to modify your cafeteria menus just to accommodate others.

This marks the end of the CAIR “guideline” portion of this book.


CAIR teaches that some Moslems will be reluctant to shake the hand of an unrelated person of the opposite sex. The CAIR says that such is not an insult, but a sign of personal modesty.

This is a sign of Islamic bigotry and a bias against women.

The CAIR says that: The Qur’an teaches Moslems to lower their gaze when communicating with unrelated persons of the opposite sex. Observing this teaching, many Moslems avoid sustained eye contact. This should not be taken as an indication of unwillingness to communicate.

Why are Islamists so special? There are many cultures that avoid sustained eye contact. They include Hindu, Buddhist, and others regardless of religion or belief system. The Islamists themselves need to understand and be tolerant and accepting of those who don’t follow this practice.
Some cultures, in particular the Anglo-Saxons respect and appreciate sustained, intense eye contact. That’s just the way we humans and our cultures are. If anyone has a problem with this, it’s based on their ignorance or bias and they need to learn about, to accept, and to appreciate these differences. Islamists must be accommodating of this.

The CAIR teaches: Many Moslems are reluctant to take part in social gatherings celebrating religious holidays of other faiths, or where alcohol may be served. These employees should not be penalized for not attending such functions and such events should not be mixed with business. A Moslem employee should not be asked to serve or sell alcoholic beverages.

This is more nonsense!
A) Islamists will refuse to attend or participate in other religions’ social events, based on their bigotry.
B) Employees who refuse to participate in social activities should be understood for what they are – elitist bigots.
C) Further, if Moslems are not supposed to serve or sell alcoholic beverages, what are they doing owning and/or working in liquor stores, pit-stop or beer run gasoline stations, or other places licensed to sell or dispense spirits?


During the cold war between the west and Communism, we had to deal with the Soviet Union’s propaganda tools, Izvestia and Pravda. The CAIR is a broad based Islamic propaganda organ (and much more); and is to Islamists what other organizations are to other bigots and racists such as the Ku Klux Klan is to white racists, the MEChA to Latino separatists, and others,
No comparison can be made with the NAACP which has worked to legitimately advance the prospects of non-whites.

The Moslem Public Affairs Council (MPAC) is another Islamist propaganda organ. They are one of many dozens of similar organizations established to promote Islam to the detriment of others.

Note that three of the CAIR’s founding members have or had connections to terrorism been sent to prison and/or deported for their terrorist activities. CAIR is itself an unindicted co-conspirator to an illegal fundraising operation that supported terrorists. Accordingly, CAIR is identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a criminal enterprise not much different than the Mafia.
In one of my positions, I had nine subordinates, one of whom was a Moslem convert. She used to take an hour or two from her work time to study her Qur’an at her desk, and her assigned work was not getting done. One morning I asked her to set aside her Qur’an and attend to some urgent official business. After several’s” delivered in a tirade at me, I turned about, put on my coat and left the office.

Everyone was puzzled, and may have thought she had prevailed, just as she had managed to dominate and bully her colleagues and my predecessor. When I returned to the office, I walked over to her desk, opened my shopping bag and proceeded to assemble and test a tape recorder. I then stuck the microphone up between us, spoke my name, date, time, location, position, and her name and position, and I proceeded to remind her that I was her supervisor, and that she had certain duties and responsibilities, and that henceforth every conversation she and I would have would be recorded. I admonished her for her earlier tirade and stated that vulgar, foul, obscene language was not acceptable in the workplace. Further, after each recording, I would prepare a written memorandum of our conversation/s (minus objectionable language) and provide a copy of it along with a copy of the day’s tape to her. Several “motherf….ers” later she left the office, never to be seen again.

I urge all managers to keep a recorder handy and to use it when necessary. Further, I urge the recording of all conversations with potential troublemakers, and to prepare written memorandums of conversations that you can keep
in your CYA (cover you’re as.) file. While it is illegal to
secretly record a conversation between two other people (with you being a clandestine third party); it is NOT illegal for you to secretly record a conversation between yourself and another person.

I do know Moslems who have wonderful qualities. I have also experienced that Islamists and adherent Moslems are generally persistent and can, in my opinion, be counted on to wheedle and whine insidiously for concessions and accommodations, each one a victory for them, and an incentive to wheedle for more concessions. Taqiyyah** (lying) to a kafir*** an infidel**** is OK.


It is increasing all over the world. Some Islamist medical practitioners are refusing or neglecting to sanitize their hands when participating in invasive medical acts or otherwise treating patients.
This was first reported in the United Kingdom (2006-2008). Moslem female practitioners who are prescribed by so-called Islamic laws of modestly to not show skin other than their hands and feet refused to turn up their sleeves and bare their wrists and forearms in preparation for invasive procedures.
Dirt and other contaminants attached to their sleeves and cuffs can come into contact with patients and thus enter their systems causing huge, serious infections that often kill patients. This was identified in the UK as the source for a horrible increase in in-hospital deaths derived from a variety of untreatable staph infections.
It’s happening here, too.
Many Moslem males also refuse to sanitize their hands for superstitions bigoted reasons, in that antibacterial agents contain alcohol, and Moslems are forbidden to touch alcohol. Moslem medical practitioners refuse to sanitize themselves before handling, touching or inserting their hands into patient wounds, etc.
The likelihood of deadly infections caused by such willful negligence by Moslem medical practitioners is contributing to the deaths of patients in hospitals in other parts of Europe, the USA, Canada and other places.
And, our authorities are giving them a ‘bye’, allowing these unsanitary practices to continue unchecked at the risk of thousands of precious lives at hospitals, clinics, and medical offices.
Also, Islamist, Moslem medical practitioners are discretionary in treatment of patients. A Jew in a Chicago hospital with an intestinal infection was allowed to languish for twelve hours and die because a Moslem doctor chose to not treat the man – because he was a Jew. This is murder, and the Islamist got away with it.
I know of a man who went into a hospital where he underwent a relatively common surgery. Moslem doctors conducted the surgery. Within days he developed a monster infection, received more treatment and surgeries by these same doctors and ultimately succumbed several weeks later after an agonizing period of suffering. His hospitalization and the surgeries took place at the University of California hospital in Irvine, CA. I can’t prove this but, in my opinion, his death was probably preventable but was likely caused by willful negligence – and I think that’s murder.
I have been successful in thwarting Islamist plans to build a monster mosque near where I live. I write, speak, and teach truths and facts about Islam. Islamists don’t like it. Islamists have had active discussions about ways to “silence” me. I have received threats, and understand that I am on more than one fatwa (see the following glossary).
I had a family physician who is excellent, and who has saved my life at least once. During a routine visit five years ago, I advised him that I may be on a fatwa “hit list” and that as my primary physician I did not want, him to permit any Moslem practitioner treating me under any circumstances. He is a devout Christian who is involved in the interfaith movement (where Islamists typically preach their dogma, and Christians suck it up) became visibly shaken and with his hands trembling instructed me to leave his clinic/office.
I’ve found another doctor, an excellent one who is cognizant of Islam and has agreed to look out for my health like a true, caring professional.

I have lived and worked (supervised, negotiated with, done business with, and socialized) in the Middle East for more than ten years. I have worked as an HR professional for more than six years, and many more as an operational or executive level manager. I have received formal EEO training (at the Federal Office of Personnel Management headquarters in Washington, D.C.), and have served as a federal EEO counselor. I have also worked in national security and counter-terrorism positions.

During the summer and fall of 2006, there was a brouhaha about Islamist taxi drivers refusing rides to people carrying alcoholic spirits at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport. It has been revealed that the cabdrivers were inspired and coached (most likely by CAIR) as part of a larger effort to bring Sharia (dualistic, bigoted Islamic law) to the United States. For what may seem to be a pragmatic and fair solution – the airport’s initial plan to color-code the cabs as Sharia-compliant and non-Sharia-compliant — actually opened the door to numerous other Sharia provisions in the U.S., as writer/commentator Daniel Pipes has pointed out. Will an unmarried man and woman be allowed to share a cab? How about man carrying a ham sandwich? This kind of effort, especially now that the Moslem Brotherhood and CAIR turn out to be behind it must be seen for what it is. It is B.S.

A word about trust: Trust is something earned. Again, I have experienced several occasions in business or otherwise when questions have come up and my Islamist counterparts have declared: “Trust me!” …..And then I was told a lie (takiyya). When an Islamist tells you: “Trust me!” you need to very carefully protect your back and guard your pocket and property, and count your fingers after shaking hands. The code behind “trust me” is: I am going to tell you a lie that you must accept and if you don’t believe me, I will be outraged.

Author Notes: Islam (translated, the word Islam means “submission”) is much more than just a religion. Islam is a complete totalitarian/fascist social, political, militaristic organization that requires everyone (regardless of belief) to submit totally and absolutely, in body, mind, and soul. Under Islam non-Moslem individuals have no liberty, no rights.

CAIR is one of several franchises controlled by the North American Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that has stated that its singular objective is the overthrow of the United States’ Constitution and the imposition of Islam, by 2065.

Indeed, the events of 9/11/2001 have had a profound impact on the United States. The hijackings of four aircraft and turning them into weapons of war was a totally Moslem

We need to be aware that Islam has again renewed a centuries old declaration of holy jihad (holy war) on us, the United States and our Western culture, laws, values, society – our civilization.

If they win, the future of liberty, justice and freedom for our future generations is forfeit. Is this acceptable to you?

Islam is THE most deadly existential threat to you and all that we hold dear or precious.

I strongly urge that all responsible, critical thinking, civilized people and organizations refrain in any and every way from supporting Islamic (Moslem) organizations regardless of their claims. This includes Mosques, schools, financial, civic (such as Interfaith dialogues, and the COEXIST coalition), elective, or any other supportive activity.

Please bear in mind that if there were NO religions on earth, we would still have to deal with the cult of ISLAM – the fascist political and social system that seeks to dominate the world with its awful, evil, and uncivilized presence.
The United Nations is subject to many controls and domination by fifty-seven Islamic states organized as the Organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC). One of their objectives is to compel the world, especially the United States to adopt specific anti-blasphemy laws prohibiting any speaking or writing that they feel is contrary to Islam (such as this book). The current (2014) President of the USA, Barak Obama, and his wannabe successor, Hillary Clinton) both subscribe to this as do many other Communists and progressives in America, which if enacted will abrogate the First Amendment to our Constitution.


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