There are a host of wild, passionate, ignorant calls for police reform without defining anything other than calling for disarming police (a really stupid notion), disbanding law enforcement agencies, and other dangerously hair-brained ideas. A lot of this emanates from race-baiters or Communists (Democrats, Socialists, etc.) who exploit incidents for personal gain, political gain, financial gain at the expense of poor people, and simple often willful bigotry derived from their own mental deficiencies.

African Americans are tragically dying at the hands of cops. This is an undisputable fact. Greater numbers of African-Americans are tragically dying at the hands of African Americans. This is another undisputable fact. Most crimes committed by blacks are against other blacks. This is true in Chicago, Detroit, New York, Memphis, and other communities. So sad.

Black Americans are about 14% of America’s population. Discrimination directed towards African-Americans by police of all complexions is higher than towards other ethnic groups. The judicial system is likewise more harsh on African-Americans than other groups. In Hennepin County, Minnesota (where George Floyd died) African-Americans accounted for about 50% of the arrests for violent crimes in 1999. You need to ask yourself why this is happening.

This more or less boils down to the general fact that people who are criminally inclined are more often likely to die at the hands of law enforcement officers. This applies to people of all complexions. Reportedly the percentage of black offenders who kill police officers appears to be disproportionately high based on population, as are the number of blacks killed by police.

 George Floyd, a felon was arrested after ingesting dangerous life inhibiting drugs so the police wouldn’t find the drugs on his person. He overdosed and put himself at risk. In his drug induced state, he resisted arrest, was cuffed and fell to the ground. Handcuffed and incapacitated, he should have been helped up into a sitting position to ease his drug induced breathing problem. The Minneapolis police officers involved in this arrest are in serious trouble. Why? The police officers have not had adequate training and have not had updates on their training. The citizens of Minneapolis killed George Floyd. Subsequently, the Mayor and City Council of Minneapolis launched serious activities aimed at defunding the police. Many Minneapolis police officers left the department and over 150 other officers are on different types of leave. Subsequently, elected city officials have had serious security problems wherein they asked now reluctant police for help. After screwing things up, the city council is now working to restore funding to a woefully demoralized and undermanned police force. Parts of the city have been burned down and turned into a no-man’s land. 75% of the population want more policing.

Recently in a Minneapolis suburb, a white female police officer accidently shot and killed a fleeing felon, an African American, and more rioting ensued. Why was this felon out on bail? Oh yeah, incompetent judges.

Minnesota has a weak, useless governor; Minneapolis has a useless progressive mayor; and Minnesota’s Attorney General is an anti-white racist. The citizens of Minnesota voted for these guys…. They got what they asked for: Chaos.

 Brionna Taylor was shot and killed by Louisville, Kentucky police using a no-knock warrant that was approved due to Brionna’s prior association with a suspected drug dealer. Their intelligence was apparently faulty. The warrant has been questioned and the City government has ceased the use of no-knock warrants in Louisville. The city of Louisville killed Brionna Walker.

With these two cases a movement has grown wanting to defund, disarm, and even do away with law enforcement in many cities. In all of them, the crime rates are soaring. Who is suffering in those places? African-Americans.

The rates of black-on-black shootings in Democrat run Chicago is obscene and nobody seems to give a whit. The Democratic leadership is ineffective in slowing the crime wave. The streets of Chicago are more dangerous than the streets of Kabul.

New York’s Mayor DeBlasio is awful as he defunds the police, and his removal of Qualified Immunity protections for police officers has brought abut hundreds of departures, and a serious reluctance of other cops to do their jobs for fear of being prosecuted. Criminals know this and are tearing the city apart. DeBlasio is not alone in his reprehensible actions towards law enforcement.

Major cities on the West Coast are attacking and defunding the police as their crime rates soar. Most notable is the mayor of Portland who disallowed his police force from cracking down on anarchists who are tearing the city apart. When the wanton destruction and violence did not dissipate, police retirements and resignations soared, voters and business owners raised hell, Mayor Wheeler sought to bolster the police budget to provide better security for citizens. His anarchist pals turned on him and threatened his life. He had to hire private security to protect his moronic Communist derriere.

Ergo, defunding the police is stupid. Cops are demoralized. Citizens are increasingly fearful and want police protection, but the progressives are determined to undermine the rule of law and leave citizens defenseless. A result of this neglect of the public needs is a growing call for vigilante justice.

POLICE REFORM in the way of better training, mentoring, counseling, state of the art equipment, and compensation is in order. Police absolutely must, because of the nature of their duties, be protected by Qualified Immunity. Police may need to be trained to shoot to disable rather than to kill (avoid center body mass shots, and aim for the lower torso, legs, etc.). All police need to be trained and equipped with bolo wraps that can render suspects partially incapacitated. Police need to be provided with high tech tools including chemicals that can confuse, incapacitate, and yet be safe for others. Given the issues, there is a clear need for more qualified African-American law enforcement officers, if they can be found and recruited.

There is a real need for civilian reform that nobody talks about. Teach that when a cop says STOP, one needs to do so to avoid escalating things and getting hurt or killed. This teaching can be accomplished in a number of simple ways – in civic organizations, churches, schools, etc.

We are a modern society, a complex and increasingly confused society, a society with a host of problems such as drugs, mental illness, basic stupidity and ignorance, and more. In our modern society, at least 2% of the population simply lack the ability to control themselves, their thoughts, emotions, or behavior. This lack of self-control knows no gender, race, age, sex, or anything else. We commonly refer to these 2% of us as “nuts” and/or beyond salvation or redemption.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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3 thoughts on “POLICE REFORM

  • Eric Roland Martin

    Good article Jim. What you don’t understand is that Blacks are inherently blameless…They may be the nation’s top drug dealers and users, they may commit the greatest number of murders and other felonies, but you have to understand that you cannot blame them. They are exempt from the law, and that is only right, since we need to compensate for the salvery that White soldiers ended in 1865. Yes, some 400,000 White soldiers from the northern states died to free the slaves, but don’t ever, ever bring that up when assaulted by liberals who advocate for the total absolution of all Black criminals. Yes, I know, this is satanic evil, which calls evil good, and good evil, and there is only one way to deal with it when it dominates our legal system, and that is through a bloody revolution. Right now, the only side doing the firing are Antifa and BLM, but I sense that we are about to see a surge in a determined opposition-which will soon become militarized. We have started with 120 flag officers, and they have millions who are willing to fight and die with them to protect our constitutional democracy. Islam and Marxism use reason and compassion against us. The only way to deal with them is armed resistance, and it will come to that. My belief is that the shot that will start another civil war is coming very soon. We stand for God, or we submit to the devil. May the God of Israel and Jesus Christ empower and bless you.