Communist Democratic Socialist, Islamist (DCSI) MASTER PLAN 2

It’s part of the disgusting diabolical Communist Democratic Socialist, Islamist (DCSI) master plan to overcome our brains, our wills, and sensibilities and abilities to reason as they work to cancel our liberty, freedom, and to destroy our lives and our precious Republic.

Their goal is to create cultural, economic, political, and racial chaos.

Ho-hum: It seems that almost daily, new, fresh outrages are thrown in our faces – so much so that many, especially the lamebrained, the liberal whiners, The weak willed are becoming bored, inured to all of this bombardment to our senses.

-Department of Injustice backed RICO tainted FBI raids President Trump’s Home, leaves CAPO Biden and his gangsta son alone;
-The frantic DCS ARE desperate to halt the Red Tide, the Trump juggernaut, THE STORM!.
-Sex deviate Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine wants youth to receive gender affirmation;
-New Yawk mayor “unwelcomes” busloads of illegals; tells Republicans to leave the state.
-Corrupt DC mayor wants National Guard to fix her self-imposed problems;
-Queers vulnerable to Monkeypox, but we all have to fear it;
-There are zero pics on the WWW of a pregnant Michelle (big Mike);
-Healthy, athletic types dropping dead after “JAB”;
-BiDungForBrains tells folks that Dems are working to control weather;
-WOKE army can’t fight;
-Afghanistan disaster.
-Homelessness encouraged.
-China is our friend?
-Simply nasty people threaten Supreme Court Justices.
-Ukraine is anything but honest;
-“Green” is legitimate; electric cars are green?; Nuclear energy bad?
-Palestinian Jihad terrorism gets a pass;
-We-the-people must pay off student loans that fools took out;
-We’re giving AID money to Afghanistan?
-There will be repercussions to the student loan fiasco.


They’re really, really desperate. Their ship is sinking.
-President Trump’s ratings are way up.
-The Mueller probe was a flop.
-Republicans will take over the Congress.
-we understand that the real reason for 87,000 IRS agents is to confiscate our weapons.
-Tyranical, desperate Joe and his sick cohort are calling us names.
-Dems in a tizzy over (obsolete) nuclear codes that change every 24-hours.
-RINO Senator McConnell compromised by China, a stealth Democrat.
-a fool SWATTed Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene hoping to get her killed.
-Zuckerberg admitted to Facebook colluding with FBI against Trump.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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