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I have some very grave concerns about California as should anyone capable of critical thinking (something not taught in liberal California universities or law schools these days).

With the “top two” shoved down our throats by the hypocritical, schizophrenic Democrats and their partners on the left, conservative voters have few options when elections show just two candidates from the same party on the ballot. This is the old fashioned Communist style of elections. This is what we Californians faced in the last Senatorial election with only Democrats Loretta Sanchez and Kamala Harris to choose from. Conservatives either didn’t vote at all or stiffened their upper lip to vote for the more tolerable Sanchez who has far more common sense than Harris.
I have opined that if the Republicans would have come out strongly in favor of Harris, would the Democrats have concluded that something was wrong with Harris and voted for Sanchez. Hah! That was a pipe dream, or is it? Can Republicans learn to play the game according to Alinsky’s rules and win?
I find Republicans sitting around whining and wringing their hands to be pitiful, or should I say deplorable. Republicans need to rouse themselves, get sly and tricky, start thinking, really change their faded spots, and go after the Democrats rather than continue devouring one-another. Republicans are not only moving beyond irrelevancy but towards virtual extinction in California.
Whatever the case, decent conservative minded people are getting the short end of the stick. In that same vein, most Democratic voters may be getting screwed royally as well as they likewise have no choice when faced with poor choices in the top two leaving those Democratic having to vote for who is most popular. That’s a poor choice for effective leadership.
Of course, the Democrats have violated laws right and left to register illegals to vote and to get them to vote a straight Democratic platform. In the long run, everyone will suffer. Needless to say, the Crown Prince, aka Gavin Newsom is waiting in the wings for his turn to continue the destruction of California once Brown’s term ends.
Democratic voters who are honest, hard-working, and earning basic wages are likewise suffering with higher than ever taxes and fees along with outrageous fuel costs that just push them deeper into the hole. We need to ask them if it is worth it to just vote the Democratic ticket whatever is put in front of them?
Even “illegals” are suffering under the Brown gang’s scams. One resulted in their costs rising with higher fuel and energy costs, and a doubling of automotive fees leaving that lawncare worker paying twice as much as before to re-register his 15+ year old pickup truck. “Illegals” are likely worse off financially and their living and commuting costs are really hurting them. They must live with their choices, and those choices are looking worse and worse.
Then again: Perhaps Mr. Brown isn’t so stupid. His scheme may even be pricing illegals out of California, back to Mexico or to other states (‘chuckle’).

Mr. “soft on crime” Brown along with his Democratic colleagues have ushered in one of the most terrible laws imaginable. It’s a no-go-to-jail law that gives criminals a free pass if they are caught with stolen merchandise worth less than $950. That’s right, if a home is robbed and the robber is caught with something from that house that has a value of less than $950.00, they’re set free. Call it Brown’s “catch and release” program for criminals. There is a report that a thief stole a police officer’s gun and was turned loose because the pawn shop value of the gun was less than $950.
Accordingly, Mr. Brown and the Democrats have in fact unleashed legalized crime on the good, decent people of California.
Will the Democrats in California get around to decriminalizing murder?

Inspired by the Governor, cities, universities, and communities are jumping on the “sanctuary” bandwagon in defiance of the President of the United States. Brown has even hinted that he may even make the entire state into a “sanctuary” state. He and the pro-sanctuary types feel assured that the “deep state” in Washington is keeping President Trump too occupied dealing with the swamp to bother with what’s happening out here on the ‘left’ coast. Mr. Brown is facing a real pro who has spent forty years of his business life successfully dealing with and overcoming all manner of shysters, gangsters, shakedown artists, thugs, and general low life types, aka swamp scum like Mr. Brown.
California’s debt is spinning out of control along with its frivolous spending. It’s a certainty that Governor Brown’s hallucinations let him think that the American taxpayers will put a pot of gold at the end of his shining moonbeam.
President Trump will not let that happen. No way!

Is Mr. Brown dreaming that he can masterfully outmaneuver everyone in America? Will he attempt having California secede from the union? Will Brown make himself into some sort of tin pot dictator? Don’t even think about that, Mr. Brown. President Trump can and will play serious hardball – to win.
The very last thing any self-respecting President would allow on his watch would be to have a state secede. While Obama might have said “fine”, President Trump will not hesitate to take decisive action to halt any such foolishness.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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