China, COVID-19

Gōngjī! Gōngjī! Gōngjī!

On December 7, 1942, it was Tora! Tora! Tora!

Both attacks were sneak attacks that plunged the world into apocalyptic chaos. The Japanese attack was planned and executed with military precision. The Wuhan China Virus is an unplanned event of Chinese origin that the Chinese Communist (CHICOM) Party has exploited.

The ravaging Wuhan China inspired COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world forever.

The COVID-19’s precise origins may seem murky to some. That is intentional considering that it is a sneak attack. The virus was apparently being tested in American and Canadian laboratories where an American scientist assisted CHICOM agents in stealing samples; and CHICOM agents stole other samples from a Canadian laboratory. The samples went to a CHICOM military laboratory in Wuhan where by dint of careless handling, it escaped from the CHICOM laboratory and laid siege to the world. CHICOM scientists were working on perfecting the virus for purposes of biological warfare. It is interesting to note that American scientists, financiers, companies, government agencies and institutions were all witlessly pumping money and information into this Communist Chinese/People’s Republic Army laboratory which was and is engaged in biological weapons development.
We have fifty-four major federal agencies, seventeen engaged in espionage or counter-espionage – the gathering, analyzing, and disseminating of strategic information. The State Department with its huge Embassy and several Consulates in the PRC never had an inkling of anything going on. [An embassy is a microcosm of the government with up to 54 agenci3es represented.] Forty percent of the State Department’s Foreign Service Officers hold PHd’s from Ivy league universities like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc. and not one of these over-compensated mental giants had any idea of what was going on. Between the many agencies. The USG has thousands of Chinese linguists, none of whom picked up on anything. This failure is a national disgrace, worse, it is criminal negligence – treasonous willful ignorance. The CIA’s sizeable embassy contingent utterly failed, as did the FBI’s contingent along with the DIA. Heads ought to roll.

American scientists and institutions such as the National Institute for Health share the guilt with China for this terrible pandemic, as do international institutions such as the incredibly corrupt World Health Organization.

The CHICOM scientists hadn’t yet developed an immunization for COVID-19 when it got out, so huge numbers of Chinese succumbed to the virus. While the CHICOM government refuses to divulge the numbers of dead, a possible sign of the number of deaths might correlate with the millions of cell phone numbers cancelled in China because they are no longer being used.

COVERUP: When the Wuhan virus broke out, the CHICOMs ran western journalists out of the country and refused to allow American scientists in to investigate. The Communists intentionally destroyed virus samples to keep them from being examined by experts. They did NOT want the truth out of the bag. Chinese scientists courageous enough to divulge some truths and facts were jailed or simply vanished. As the months are passing by, more information is dribbling out from various corners of the world.

We understand that China considers the USA, specifically President Trump as their No. 1 enemy. The American left agrees that President Trump is their No. 1 enemy. Together, these two are doing everything that they can to bring Trump down, and have failed miserably.

President Trump has restored our armed forces to where we would prevail over China’s military anywhere on earth. On a daily basis, President Trump is incrementally dismantling the CHICOM intelligence apparatus in North America, most significantly by wiping out China’s 5G surveillance plans and activities being pioneered by Huawei. This includes protecting America’s intellectual properties from exploitation by the PRC and others.
President Trump is bringing the CHICOM trade juggernaut to heel with tariffs, restrictions, and more causing enormous currency losses to the PRC. President Trump is bringing American manufacturers and jobs back to the USA. President Trump is cutting funding and support to numerous corrupt UN entities, most recently the World Health Organization whose leadership notoriously spent more money on travel, five-star hotels, and hot & cold running women than on medicines.

Hundreds of true patriots in and out of government are working tirelessly to support President Trump. Sixty-three million Americans voted for trump in 2016, and that number may double in 2020.

As COVID-19 slammed onto the American scene with stricken travelers from Europe spreading out on the East Coast, and others landing in West Coast cities, the sociopathic left led by Loopy Pelosi, Bloviating Chuckie, Humpty Dumpty Nadler, and Shifty Schiff, was working to railroad President Trump with a fake impeachment.

Like everyone, President Trump was somewhat blindsided by the virus’ revelation. Our intelligence services and many agencies involved with America’s health, most notably the National Institute for Health, the particularly derelict Center for Disease Control failed miserably.

President Trump did not shirk or try to pass the buck for a moment as Obama would have done. President Trump quickly brought in (on others’ recommendations) authorities from federal agencies and institutions and assembled a Coronavirus Task Force which included Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Brix. Fauci is a fork tongued snake with an alphabet soup of initials following his name. The first thing he did was adopt death forecast numbers from Neil Ferguson, famous for overstating statistics. Ferguson didn’t disappoint as he forecast millions of deaths in Europe and the USA. Another over-educated idiot, he was flat wrong. Fauci who likely couldn’t find his way out of a lighted tunnel predicted millions of American deaths. As of May, 18, 2020, there were less than 100,000, most of them credited to COVID-19, a bogus claim.
With hundreds of professionals, doctors reporting great successes in treating COVID-19 in its early stages with hydroxychloroquine, an inexpensive and very effective medication, Fauci jumped in to condemn the use of hydroxychloroquine. Why did he do this? The answer seems obvious, he could not enrichen himself with commissions.

Fauci is in bed with big pharma and wants more people to die – more people to become fearful, until something very costly comes along where he and his pals can get richer.

President Trump has recently said that he takes a hydroxychloroquine tablet every day as a prophylactic. Smart! We should all be able to do this. I have no doubt that Brix and Fauci are doing so in secret.

Dr. Birx followed others in urging hospitals and others to claim that COVID-19 killed thousands. Quickly, the media picked up on this noting that people who died in traffic accidents were reported as COVID-19 deaths along with myriad other deaths unrelated to COVID-19. Birx urged the medical community to file such bogus death reports so that the medical community would bring in millions of extra dollars. Dr. Birx is a fraud who cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Because of their nonsense, we will never know the true numbers of deaths directly attributable to COVID-19, but less than 40,000 is not an unreasonable guess. Dying from COVID-19 is very differed from dying from other causes while merely showing positive in tests for COVID-19.

Likewise, dozens of states and cities were caught flat footed. They didn’t understand COVID-19 and had little to no stockpiles of medical supplies and equipment on hand. They had been grossly derelict in maintaining or replenishing critical essential supplies throughout the country. In fact, several states such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California and others had shamefully sold off or dumped these critical-to-life stockpiles leaving their citizens to suffer.

Many governors and mayors have shown that they are psychopaths who don’t give a whit about their citizens. Among these are mayors Garcetti, DeBlasio, and Lightfoot; governors Newsom, Cuomo, Murphy, Whitmer, Pritzker, and many more who fit this rogues’ gallery of willfully ignorant, and generally inept fools. As soon as they learned about social distancing and locking communities down, they donned their Orwellian bonnets and started violating the Constitution ordering millions into the equivalent of house arrest, even in thousands of communities unaffected by COVID-19, threatening to lock everyone up while dangerous criminals were being released onto the streets. They forced businesses to close for no valid reasons. Los Angeles and New York Capos Garcetti and DeBlasio even enlisted snitches to tattle on people. A hungry and broke hair dresser in Dallas was thrown into the clink by a psychopath judge because she wanted to feed her children.

Travesties abound. New York Governor Cuomo with New York City Mayor DeBlasio’s connivance forced hundreds of COVID-19 patients into senior citizen and veteran facilities where they infected thousands, leaving about 5,000 innocents to die miserable and because of social distancing, alone. In anybody’s book, that is cruel. It fits the category of murder or willful manslaughter. And Governor Cuomo flippantly quipped that old people are going to die anyway (so killing them sooner rather than later is OK), and then blamed God for their horrible suffering and deaths.

Thousands of citizens thumbed their collective noses at tin star dictators and went about their business or even forced the issues winning their cases. Wise Sheriffs and police officers refused to follow illegal edicts. In some cases, the dictators fired wonderful police officers for doing the right thing.

These same drunk with power hacks went off demanding that President Trump fix their negligent mistakes, which, in most instances the President and his team did well by getting equipment, and supplies in place, even portable hospitals to care for the sick. Most of these went underutilized.

As COVID-19 reared its ugly head, President Trump saw what was coming and deferred emergency management to the states to handle as they saw fit, avoiding having the blame for their dismal failures unfairly cast on him. Smart.

We are blessed to have President Trump and vice President Pence on our side. Can anyone begin to imagine what would take place with someone like Hillary Clinton, Hussein Obama, or Dopey Joe running things. It would be a monstrous disaster.

As we are getting a handle on this terrible affliction and people are seeking their freedom, there are others working against us.

China is the enemy gleefully doing all that they can to harm us. The PRC unleashed this terrible pandemic, fueled it as a weapon of chance, lied about it, and much more. We owe China! We need to boycott Chinese goods and products wherever and whenever we can. China has proxy’s kissing up to them at the UN, some with globalists hitched to the Agenda 21 altar. COVID-19 is an ideal tool that will help to accomplish their population reducing agenda.

Orwellian globalists want to use this pandemic to impose some pretty draconian measures that may seem minor at first but can likely grow to something terrible.

Vaccines are in the works, but are they one-time deals like the polio vaccine, or will they become costly repeat deals. Fickle fool, Fauci wanted to issue papers (passports or pedigree papers) to certify that immunized people are allowed to circulate in society. Others have proposed “chipping” people so that we can be tracked like people are tracked (monitored by Big Brother) in the PRC. Others just want to install software on our cell phones that would indicate if we came near an infected person – this would be a first step by Big Brother in tracking all of us all of the time.
This is serious. Control freaks are seriously out of control.

We all need to contact our Representatives, Senators, the President, and state officeholders to express our determination that we will not submit to even one of these draconian measures designed to impose controls on us. No chips! No tracking! No mandatory vaccines with questionable substances.

While thousands are putting their noses to the grindstone to develop viable vaccines and cures, PRC agents are infiltrating wherever they can and otherwise using whatever means available to steal research.

This COVID-19 epidemic has been devastating. We could have handled it better. High density countries like Japan and South Korea were prepared, equipped, and rapidly addressed the situation. We should take lessons from them as we prepare for the next pandemic which likely will come from the PRC.

It is distressing to know that first responders and medical personnel were compelled to take care of the sick and dying without having adequate personal protection equipment. Many of these heroes succumbed to the disease because their governmental leaders were totally irresponsible. Do we know who to not vote for in future elections?

Follow the principle of the seven P’s: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

President Trump was wise to let states manage the disease in their own way. We saw some governors and mayors (Cuomo and DeBlasio in New York, Newsom and Garcetti in California, Pritzker and Lightfoot in Illinois, “die furher” Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan, Ralph “blackface” Northam in Virginia and others) don their TIN HORN badges and literally go nuts with their dictatorial power grabs while responsible governors managed their states far better. These terrible hacks (including many senators and congresspersons) all tried to blame President Trump for their own miserable shortcomings.

How does it feel to be designated as a “non-essential” human being, or a “disposable” senior citizen?

Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio caused more than five million innocent senior citizens’ deaths because of their gross negligence. They ought to face charges for negligent homicide or manslaughter.

Some governors and mayors did just that. They forced thirty million people out of their jobs while not laying off or disposing of their excess employees.

What is a “lockdown” other than house arrest?
Some of these Tin Star bearing political hacks went overboard imposing their draconian house arrest on millions, shutting millions of businesses down and driving people into the poorhouse, even cutting off their utilities for daring to disobey Tin Star “Big Brother” mayor Garcetti. We learned of police arresting parents playing with their children in their back yards or other open spaces; farmers working their fields bullied for working outdoors in the fresh air; a woman desperate to feed her children busted for working her hair salon business; a lone paddle boarder being swarmed by swat teams; women being tackled by police for non-existent infractions. Some police who refused to obey unconstitutional dictates lost their jobs.

Hundreds of Sheriffs, Chiefs of police, and municipal governments refused to obey illegal edicts which included releasing dangerous criminals onto the streets allegedly to protect them from the virus. The ball bearings on jail turnstiles were burning up with the rapid no bail releasing of violent, dangerous criminals who repeat offended often within minutes of their release. People died while inept political hacks patted themselves on their backs.

While priority was given to COVID-19 care, hospitals, clinics and others were unable to provide essential medical care to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from mortal ailments, many who died miserably because of this shameful imposed neglect.

This must never happen again. We need checks and balances, double checks from several angles. Care providers should inventory supplies wherever they are and demand replacements and/or replenishment of depleted or obsolete gear, equipment, and supplies. Bureaucrats who fail to do these simple tasks need to be cashiered.

China is a mortal enemy and should be treated accordingly. They can be counted on to be repeat offenders when they create their next biological or chemical weapon. Give the PRC no favors and get them out of our markets as we move to make our own critical goods. Stop giving visas and study scholarships to PRC students who are in fact intelligence operatives in one way or another. Limit PRC officials travel within our nation, keeping them away from scientific and technical research – isolate them. Do the same with PRC businessmen who are also likely intelligence operatives. Force China to divest their ownership in American companies – treat them the way that they treat us. Weaken China in every way possible.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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