May Riots

America is a melting pot of varied cultures and ethnicities. It is also a place where many idiots and fools hold high offices because idiots and fools elect them.

Minneapolis is senselessly aflame as have many other cities and communities over the years as ethnic tensions erupt.

I grew up in Minneapolis. My mother was a Police Officer in Minneapolis. We had many friends who were cops. I passed the strict requirements and was on the waiting list to become a cop myself before I was called to serve in America’s Diplomatic Corps. For a quarter of a century, I traveled the world and lived in many countries and communities where I have seen and experienced much of both the good and terrible.

America is the most tolerant and giving nation on earth both here at home and around the world. Still, America is not without fault as we are witnessing today.

Every corner of the world suffers from tragically deadly prejudices and unforgiving cultural, tribal, and ethnic bigotry and hatred.

Our great nation was founded by refugees from hatred. Millions have found their ways to our shores seeking refuge from terrible poverty and bigotry. Hospitality was at times wanting but with courage, forgiveness, and perseverance we are blending more and more every day.

Destructive rioting occurs where one ethnic or cultural group attacks to harm others and to and destroy the property of others. Uniquely, only in America do rioters destroy their own communities. That is insane! Sadly, those rioters ultimately suffer the consequences of their own ignorance and hatred for generations.

Minneapolis exploded, not because of racial conflicts but because of a dearth of good leadership. For decades political leadership from governors on down to mayors, chiefs of police, wards and precincts has been deficient.

Minnesota’s governor, a cowardly appeaser extraordinaire sat on his hands for two days before he called for just 500 National Guardsmen to face thousands of belligerents who totally ignored his silly curfew. He failed the people of Minneapolis miserably.

The babbling, sometimes incoherent and totally incompetent mayor has shown that he is absolutely useless, a laughing stock.

Wimpy Chief of police Arradondo hid behind a COVID mask as he reminded people to behave themselves while the city collapsed into chaos. Leaderless, his police force retreated and went MIA as the flames swept across Minneapolis destroying the livelihoods of hundreds.

The unfortunate, tragic death of George Floyd could have, should have been avoided. Systematically proper police recruitment, training, and disciplined competent leadership is something that has been increasingly absent in Minneapolis for much of the past fifty years. Such would have prevented Mr. Floyd’s terrible suffering and murder.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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