In America, we are living in troubling times that are seemingly moving towards a violent, bloody civil war. President Trump was robbed of his re-election; the Supreme Court bowed to Communists and blackmail; the Biden/Harris/Obama cabal are working to enslave us.
OATH: At one time or another, most of us have sworn a sacred oath that included language to protect and defend our Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Protecting that Constitution is our main mission. The Democratic Communist Socialist Party (DCSP) government have forsaken that oath – have opted to be traitors to the Constitution. They should face the consequences of being traitorous turncoats.

CODE 20: A decorated former Marine Corps battle planner coined this idea. He fought in Vietnam where Marines successfully used special team tactics against the Communists. He coined CODE 20 as a modern movement to resist anti-Americans in government, in society, and fools in our nation who hate and fear you, your free speech rights, and the guarantor of free speech, the Second Amendment.

The “CODE 20” refers to a desired number of patriotic activists in each Zip Code. A CODE 20 does not mean that a group must have exactly 20-members. I group can have as little as three or as many as 50 members.

Remember: We-The-People are Sovereign and owe obedience only to God.

We are a secret society. Large secret societies are NOT secret because in America, the FBI and others will infiltrate such a secret society, plant agents provocateur to lure members into doing things that are unwise or illegal so that they (the FBI, DOJ, etc.) can jail them. That’s what happened on January 6, 2021.

The fraudulent DCSIP (Democratic Communist Socialist Islamic Party) is determined to make our great America into a third world banana republic ruled by corrupt criminal racketeers and politicians, and the oligarchs who fund and support them. They pulled the rug out from under more than 75-million+ American voters in 2020. This cannot be tolerated. We know who our enemies are. [The 2020 hijacking was perpetrated on we-the-American-people by criminals.] [To quote Biden: “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter FRAUD organization.”] Of the more than 75,000,000 Trump voters are many Democrats and 40+% are minority voters (anti-Trump Republicans and RINOS voted for Biden).

CODE 20 does not have a traditional Command and Control structure. It would be too easy for our enemies, the corrupt criminals (the swamp) in Washington, D.C. & elsewhere and their instruments of terror (the FBI, DOJ, BATF, etc.) to identify and take action against us. By being small independent groups focused on legitimate pro-American goals and objectives of our own choosing we can remain anonymous and be incredibly effective.

From Maine to Hawaii, Alaska to Florida and in the territories, there are thousands of zip codes. Within a given zip code, teams of about twenty+ patriots (thus, CODE-20). A CODE-20 can self-organize to form independent cells or several cells in highly populated zip codes. Cells can act against evil and corrupt politicians, Communists, Islamists, terrorists, the lying information media (the Main Stream Pravda), social media oligarchs such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, corrupt civil servants, groups, companies, even so-called religious groups (Islam is an ideology, not a race), unions, and much more.

CODE 20 are powerful, determined, skilled, imaginative and capable activists of all stripes united to defeat the enemies of the American Republic. Strong, tough men and women built this nation and strong, tough women and men will preserve it.

True Patriots in America are under attack:
( Our First Amendment (dreaded by tyrants) rights of free speech are under attack; and our rights to own and bear arms is under attack. Social media Oligarchs are blocking us so that we cannot talk to one-another. We are overcoming this. Imagination can be a powerful tool.

Action can take many forms such as attending public meetings and calling out corruption in venues such as school boards, neighborhoods, city (planning commission, city council), county, and even statewide entities. Most of us resent this DCSIP usurper in the White House along with his boss (Obama) and cronies. We can learn how to effectively approach political leaders: Here’s another one,

We absolutely must, take steps to preserve and protect our fragile Republic. One very important thing is to get going now to be powerful INFLUENCERS and activists. Become election poll workers and volunteers to make certain that vote tallying is not messed with. We must participate as workers and observers to ensure that every legal ballot is counted – once; that no phony ballots sneak into the counting process in the dark of night; that vote counting machines are not doctored so as to cancel votes or switch them. Ideally, all Chinese and foreign made machines should be scrapped – tossed out. Use paper ballots that we certify with our thumbprint and manually count them.

Influencers gather names and contact information on officials and leaders in their community such as Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, politicians, etc., and to send information that these officials may not otherwise receive; about crooked officials, about enemy movements such as the Moslem Brotherhood, Antifa, The Council on American-Islamic Relations, etc. Influencers can do it anonymously, or put their name on what you send. Sending by postal mail is most effective. You can use latex gloves to keep your fingerprints from papers and envelopes.

Public activism is good. Peaceful activism is good. There may be times where less peaceful means may be necessary to protect ourselves, to get appropriate attention and action. Patriots are obliged to stand up for America and do it in a way that commands respect, or even causes fear among enemies; taken to cripple or to cause physical damage, or even something more extreme. We cannot officially condone any violent or deadly actions by a CODE 20 group, team, or individual. Nor will we condemn such actions if carried out in the spirit of protecting our Republic, our Constitution, our culture. This is why this is a self-managed but awesomely powerful movement that the DCSIP leadership of our country cannot use to identify other CODE 20 groups, etc.


Most of us may from time to time feel a need for a guideline or set of procedures to help us. Self-education or self-training is important along with self-governance, and one such tool that has been used extensively and successfully by domestic DCSIP terrorists is the book by Saul Alinsky titled: RULES FOR RADICALS. This is available at AMAZON, by special order in bookstores like BARNES & NOBLE, etc., along with a number of other guidelines that can actually be used to help and protect you. While it is a tool of the DCSIP there is much valuable information that we can use in our CODE 20 GROUPS.

Being a meaningful or effective political activist is not for the faint of heart. We are warriors, not necessarily combatants, but activists in bringing the bad guys down. Each CODE 20 group needs all types of people to succeed: writers, public speakers, researchers & investigators, fundraisers, computer geeks, logisticians, attorneys, performers, everything, and, yes, militant people willing and capable of getting physical if or when necessary. Carrying out acts overtly as well as covertly need to be carefully managed to protect ourselves and team members. We make bad government quake in fear!


We are America Firsters!

Within twelve days of BiDung being installed in our White House, some DCSIP called for interning All Republicans/Conservative in slave labor camps. Some DCSIP have openly called for the extermination of Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, etc. One Main Stream Pravda (Media) talking head suggested using killer drones to hunt down and kill you and I. They can get away with declaring or supporting such on TV, MSN (the Main Stream Pravda) outlets, social media, etc. if we let them. When they do, we can sit on our backsides, contact the FBI and file a whiny complaint about being threatened; or track them down and cause them to seriously regret threatening us. Some Republicans are reciprocating, calling for the extermination of liberals. All is fair in war.

We have a moral right to discuss vigilantism when our government, our federal, state, county, city and local courts and law enforcement refuse or are unable to serve us, we-the-people. When our civil and legal rights are breached, we rightfully lose confidence in the ”system”, a system that is presently increasingly hostile to every day citizens. (example: The January 6 treatment and mistreatment of innocent demonstrators at the U.S. capitol).

(Being a full fledged vigilante involves becoming armed and possibly using weapons to enforce laws and deal with criminals.)

For the purpose of the CODE 20 movement, we can be vigilant and then go after and working to influence, punish, or otherwise deal with delinquent officials and authorities with letter writing campaigns, contacting news media and publishing stories; using phones, the internet, posters, etc. Be bold and imaginative.

Possible actions: demonstrations, rallies, boycotts. vandalize the enemies’ propaganda/property, damage Communist Chinese (mainland, not Taiwan) goods in stores (just damaged packages can cause a product to be gotten rid of). Avoid buying or consume anything from Communist countries or places like Iran, or from DCSIP supporters such as COSTCO, Starbucks, etc. Raise hell about your hard earned tax dollars being sent abroad to fund terrorists determined to eliminate us (Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Communist China, et.).

Finding good quality candidates that can run in local elections, where often the turnout is less than 10 percent ain’t hard . . . but it is vital. We need our good guys on planning commissions, school boards, community boards, city councils, everywhere.

Make up a list of targets and needs. List them in priority order, take action. Apply every rule to the enemy that he uses against you, do it; and attack everything they treasure. Discourage them. Frighten them. More.

We can start identifying Communist/Marxist and Jihadi operatives and enterprises at the local level. Disrupt them in any way possible. Expose them for what they are in the local community. Nearly every city has one or more Democratic party headquarters. Ruin them, and when they repair, ruin them again. The same with Moslem forward Operating Bases – Mosques. They’ve been doing it to Republican places. It’s time to reciprocate…..

Political Islam (the Moslem Brotherhood, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Moslem Student Unions, etc.) is an existential enemy of America, of civilization. Never forget this and know that they may come after you, I, and every decent citizen in our nation. Islamic entities are very subtle at times but they are a major part and parcel of our enemies. They have Mosques (which I call Forward Operating Bases), Madrassas (Islamic schools), stores, and many other tools working against us. At every opportunity damage their signs, property, etc. When they have their month of fasting or other holidays, set up bar-b-q grills nearby and cook pork. It will drive them nuts. On every 9/11 anniversary drive by their Mosques at prayer time and make noise using horns, sirens, fireworks, etc.
Note that just about every mosque has an armory (hidden) stocked with weapons, poisons, explosives, and chemicals. The armory is usually called a RABAT, and if not hidden, it is nearby and is where they plot against us and even commit honor murdering (no longer in the news because they took this practice underground to avoid unpleasant publicity) of their rebellious women and girls, and others who greatly displease them.

Moslems are active participants with the BLM movement, Antifa, and other anti-American anarchist movements. They are to be exposed, opposed, and obstructed at every opportunity.
Keep track of their local activities. Learn when they buy property and start planning to build a mosque or other facility. They lie to Planning Commissions. Go and call them (and their supporters and fellow travelers, such as Interfaith leaders, Mormons, etc. out). Explain to decision makers that trash will accumulate in streets, sewage lines can become overwhelmed, traffic congestion will occur, that they will park illegally, that Mosques are places where criminal plans are formed, weapons are stashed, they will build minarets and blast out (at over 200db) their five-times daily calls to prayer, and more. We can make it work in our favor. I was a leader in a small city where we blocked a 4,400 square foot mega-mosque. I have advised others in how to mess successfully with mosque projects. Do all that you can to make their lives miserable.

Venturing into places like the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area is taking a step into ENEMY TERRITORY, a swamp. Be careful.

Here is a place where one can find a Congressional friends and foes list: From this you can identify your Communist, Moslem, Democrat, and RINO foes and decent leaders as regards who supported and who opposed American freedom during the contested 2020 election. Find the names of enemy congresspeople and senators near you. Get their local office addresses and go there with a handful of fingerprint free notices to hang on car windows in their parking lots where you can hang something like: ATTENTION, personal vehicles in this area are subject to being damaged because you share parking spaces with (for example – Congresswoman Pelosi). Do it a couple of times per year and that Congressperson’s staff will find themselves harassed and even afraid – a successful guerilla activity.

This tactic can be used against enemies of the republic at county, city, and other levels.
Use your many skills and talents to devise whatever will work. Support that which is good.

Protect your identity. Use a cryptonym (pseudonym) within the CODE 20 group so that you cannot be outed using your real name. Nobody should maintain a list of real names together with cryptonyms. If the FBI got ahold of any such list, the whole group would be compromised. You could in some instances use a Democratic politician’s surname when going to public political meetings, etc. to challenge, humiliate, humble the evil ones.

Don’t trust the FBI or DOJ, etc. Those once proud organizations are underhanded and badly compromised. As the world we once knew is increasingly hostile to decent, caring citizens and patriots, be wary. The Democrats, politicalIslam, Antifa, and BLM thugs and anarchists are the equivalent of Hitler’s Brown Shirt thugs and they may even get information fed to them by the DCSIP. Remember always that the FBI, DOJ, and others are colluding with and protecting traitors such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barak Hussein Obama, John Kerry, Kamal-a Harris, the Joe Biden crime syndicate, Eric Swallwell, etc.

Use only cash or untraceable gift cards for purchases, etc. in connection with your CODE 20 activities.

Get armed up. Learn and apply gun safety (The NRA is an excellent source). Learn how to stash your guns & ammo away from intrusive cops and ground penetrating radar in a chopper (Obama put radar in a chopper in every county). Check this out:, and

Make copies of this and hand distribute them in your community, your zip code, in neighboring zip codes. Email this to others, post it on social media, blast it all over the country.

SECURITY: We have many enemies. Beware of imposters. Meet with your members in person, never repeating regularly at the same location. Do not communicate electronically (email, messenger, phone, etc. unless encrypted). Letter (snail) mail is a tool. Hand delivery is an option. You can go to this site and download a PDF on Insurrection:
“Good Germans” in Hitler’s Germany did nothing to offend the regime. Neither did they do anything to save or to protect decent, innocent people from extermination. Know where you stand.

A good read written by General Mike Flynn:

Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: 5 Lessons I Learned When the Deep State Came After Me and My Family

To gain an insight into what seems to be coming our way (and to get some points on how to proceed as mayhem sets in):

God Bless!

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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