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James E. Horn,

Evil, nasty forces are at play and the stench is burbling up from the deepening swamp of Washington, D.C. in an all-out war directed at President Donald J. Trump, the people’s choice for President and the millions of us who support him. Donald J. Trump was clearly NOT the choice of the swamp dwellers, the Deep State. aka the Dark Side. They hate him with a passion and desperately want to destroy our President, a genuine altruist who has set out to protect our precious Republic from evil forces. These people are traitors no better than Benedict Arnold to our precious republic and our Constitution.

[Long ago, President Harry S. Truman drove his two or three-year old stick shift, Buick from the White House back to his home at independence, Missouri. He clearly did not enrichen himself while in the White House. If he were alive today, he’d be thrashing his chest in anger at the shameful state of things today.]

Willie Clinton left the White House very wealthy (graft and corruption) and used his status to collect on what he had done for others contrary to the interests of the American people.

Willie and his evil tempered power-hungry sidekick had left a trail of bodies in their wake that continued to pile up after Mrs. Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State (and the trail of death and deceit continues even now). With Hillary at State, the Clinton fortune grew and grew with deposits in secret accounts in many countries, where millions were laundered and moved to the Clinton Foundation. Like Russian oligarchs and drug cartels, they have funds stashed all over the place.

The Bushes were involved in evil during their tenures, but that’s not the issue with his missive.

When Barak Obama (BO), with the help of John McCain, landed in the White House, a graft, corruption, and patronage machine came into being that would make the infamous Chicago Democratic Machine and Tammany Hall look like pikers.

We’ve seen video clips of BO sitting and leaning towards then Russian Federation President Medvedev and mumbling into a hot mike that: “I’ll have more flexibility after election”, a message clearly intended for Vladimir Putin. What did that mean? It meant that POTUS BO would work in ways hostile to the best interests of the American.

After BO Took office and appointed Hillary as Secretary of State, she had a meeting with Russian Federation Foreign Minister Lavrov and amateurishly handed him a red button (fresh from the shelves of her nearby STAPLES store) emblazoned with the English word “reset” and the Russian word “overload(?)”, telling him that things with Russia and America would be different. Later, the US dropped plans to put anti-missile systems on Russia’s borders, ended sanctions against Russia, reduced America’s nuclear arsenal by a third, and more. ALL of this unquestionably benefited the Russian Federation to the clear detriment of American interests.

Hillary worked a deal to sell some of America’s precious natural resource treasure (uranium) to Russia. Hillary would never have been able to accomplish this without the connivance of BO. Both BO and Hillary likely banked many millions of dollars with that deal alone.

As the 2016 election season progressed, the wannabe dictatorial fascists, BO and Hillary found themselves having to deal with Donald Trump’s rapidly rising popularity. His appeal was his energy, forthrightness, (lack of greed) and fearlessness — and real people had no problem understanding this. An honest, pro American Trump was an unacceptable juggernaut. BO, Hillary, and the rest of the fascist DEEP SWAMP — the traitorous anti-Trump Republicans who joined the stench on the left side of the fence, the Democratic Party, the Socialists, the Communists, the Marxists, Unions, the Moslem Brotherhood (Islam), America hater, George Soros. and many others went on the attack.

This writer strongly suspects that: BO and Hillary decided to call in an ace, the Russians. They asked the Russians to apply their considerable espionage capabilities against Donald Trump’s campaign and to support Hillary’s quest for the Presidency.

Vladimir Putin (a master of the games of chess and espionage) didn’t say no. The Russians pretended to do so but failed to deliver, I believe intentionally because they, the Russians, had no confidence that Hillary would be honest or reliable, and that she would in fact become a repressive Stalinist dictator. A realist, Putin intrinsically understood that President Trump was best for a stable America and the world.

Donald Trump won the election on November 8th, 2016, and shortly thereafter BO responded to Putin by booting 35-members of the Russian Federation’s diplomatic mission, claiming that his actions were because of Russian “interference” (hacking) with the US election. This claim is patently bogus. It is a coverup for BO’s attempting to use Russia to get Hillary into the White House. BO was angry and humiliated as was Hillary because the Russians failed to deliver.

Had Hillary been elected, a cloud of darkness, increasing impoverishment, fear, lawlessness, and despair would lead to the demise of our Constitution and the imposition of evil.
It has subsequently been revealed that any apparent hacking of the Democratic campaign was a series of leaks apparently released by a murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich, who was found shot to death in Washington, D.C. But, the compliant (members of the swamp) liberal media led by CNN have done little to noting to report or raise a serious ruckus about this additional corpse under Hillary’s boots.

BO and Hillary are the most prominent members of the Deep Swamp. The Swamp has gone all out to use their bogus claims that Donald Trump was conniving with the Russians during the election. Billionaire Donald Trump, the businessman, has business dealings all over the globe, and Russia is a big chunk of that globe. He as well as members and officials of his Trump conglomerate have indeed met with Russians – Russian businessmen and officials while working out or trying to work out real estate and related business deals. There is nothing illegal about negotiating legitimate business deals whether they proceed to fruition or fail.

A supposed Russian lawyer of questionable status initiated a meeting with Donald Trump Junior under some sort of pretense, and this became a focus of the swamp until the issue became a non-issue. She was a phony and Donald Junior figured this out quickly and walked away from that trap.
The Swamp have marshalled their fascistic forces and illegal domestic spying and intelligence gathering, eavesdropping, and other assets to gather every shred of information they could and then try to use it against President Trump. (Did BO ever care about our Constitution and upholding or obeying the law?)

In May of 2017, the Swamp appointed fellow swamp dweller (and significant donor to Hillary’s campaign) Robert Mueller as a Special Prosecutor to investigate Trump’s dealings with Russia. Mueller, of course is a close confidant of now discredited and fired (by President Trump) former FBI Director James Comey (who could yet wind up behind bars for his activities directed at illegally swinging the election to Hillary).

Mueller, of course demonstrated his avarice and total bias when he immediately hired over a dozen Clinton donors and supporters to work in his “investigation”. This action demonstrates that this “Special Prosecutor” gang of thugs (swamp creatures) is clearly embarked on a partisan “witch hunt” and not much more.

Nearly five months into Mueller’s “investigation” and after dozens of failed “fishing expeditions”- and millions of taxpayer dollars squandered, there is basically nothing to show, certainly nothing to warrant an impeachment which the collective Swamp desperately wants to invoke to get this decent, man-of-the-people President Trump out of the White House.
In response to Obama’s booting 35-Russians out of America, the Russians reciprocated by booting 775 American diplomats from Russia. This is classic MAD MAGAZINE Spy vs. Spy stuff. Now, President Trump has reciprocated and shut down three Russian diplomatic facilities in America and booted more of Russians out.

Sadly, as of this writing the Russians are reportedly contemplating a reciprocal response.

This very destructive American-Russian downward spiraling duel must end. This is a direct consequence of Obama’s attempting to use all manner of espionage and illegal acts to throw the Presidential election to Hillary. Unfortunately, President Trump is now having to address this messy consequence in the middle of Mueller’s witch hunt.

It is time for President Trump and Attorney General Sessions (Sessions needs to shovel the stench of Obama deep swamp holdovers out of the Justice Department now.) as well as the Congress to immediately appoint several special prosecutors to:
– Investigate Obama’s involvement in trying to use illegal means to throw the election to Hillary;
– Hillary’s selling precious American mineral assets to Russia;
– The millions that Hillary accepted from foreign donors such as the Iranians, Pakistan, and the Saudis;
– The murder of Seth Rich;
– How Robert Mueller’s appointment came about, and much more.
-Barak Hussein Obama’s illegal acts commanding members of the intelligence community to violate laws to gather intelligence on Trump to be used against Trump in the election process.
President Trump promised to drain the swamp, but the stench emitting swamp creatures are stubbornly resisting. President Trump, an enemy of the Deep State/Dark Side/Dirty Swamp (DSDSDS) is clearly under siege.

Trump has also taken some time to look at Saul Alynski’s literature telling radicals how to work their game. One is to pick an opponent and humiliate and to discredit that opponent. Trump’s current target is the Communist/Socialist media, the liars of the left, and he is having great success going after these discredited propaganda artists (now honest news reporters).
I’m a dreamer: I dream of seeing Obama, Mueller, Hillary, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and their entire cohort on trial for treason, corruption, fraud, and the whole book of crimes that they have committed, including conspiracy to murder.

We the people, the good people, the honest people, patriots need to write to and offer encouragement to President Trump and those fellow republicans who support him; and contact our Democratic and never-Trump Representatives and Senators (especially the two stench drenched California Senators) and let them know that our distrust of them deepens every day that they continue their attacks on Trump.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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