By James E. Horn

When I was a child, I was enthralled by G-men who fearlessly sallied forth to deal with the evil parts of society. I watched TV shows, went to movies, read comic books about them – a true believer, an innocent child.

When I entered government service while in my 20’s, it was kind of exciting to become a part of the ‘brotherhood’ of federal employees dedicated to serving and protecting our nation, the national security agencies.

My bubble faded as revelations and news articles began to circulate about J. Edgar Hoover’s peculiar leadership of the vaunted Federal Bureau of Investigation. Things like when he shook hands with new FBI agents and they faced serious consequences if they had sweaty palms. A bigot, Hoover circulated scurrilous reports about Martin Luther King being, among other things, a Communist and a pimp. Hoover led a peculiar lifestyle that was perhaps as dark as the characters his FBI agents went after. The FBI was legendary about “getting its man”. It has come out in later years that some of those found “guilty” were not guilty – but the FBI got its man. Hoover had amassed considerable “dirt” on political leaders and reportedly used that dirt in to blackmail them. He was well protected by his multitude of dossier weapons.

As I settled in rubbing shoulders with people in the CIA, the DEA, the DOD, Treasury, STATE, NSA, Customs and Border Patrol, and other national security organizations so secret that their names remain classified to this day, I learned from those colleagues that it would be in my best interests to steer clear of the “feebs” (FBI).

I discovered that the FBI has, ever since its creation has been trying to increase its power and authority. They were an organization, a group of people to generally be feared, not respected. They gain power by weakening others.

In the circles where I circulated and established friendships, we understood that the FBI could not always be trusted. The FBI looked for opportunities to harm, to damage or ruin the careers of good, decent, dedicated people working for (not against) the American people.
Yes, I must point out that there are thousands of very honorable and dedicated FBI agents who do their jobs well and who don’t target innocents. Still, there are less than stellar individuals of diminished credibility who sadly hurt our nation and further tarnish FBI’s image. They seek opportunities to go after fellow national security professionals and to punish (jail) them for minor infractions (I discuss this in my highly rated “EXPERIENCING ISLAM” which has been censored by the CIA). (In this same book, I write about how the FBI has been heavily infiltrated by elements of the Moslem Brotherhood whose goal is to destroy our Constitution and to protect Islamist criminals.).

People in other agencies seem to have little confidence in the FBI and with the FBI’s levels of cooperation. People feed information and reports to the FBI and never get any feedback, being left in the dark. Consequently, many intelligence or law enforcement officers are reluctant to share with the (corrupted) FBI. They might forget to cross a “t” and be called to task for that.

The CIA and the FBI had rooms in their respective Washington, D.C. headquarters’ where they could transmit (share) information back and forth. I never spent a moment at the FBI headquarters but the designated room at the CIA headquarters had a closed door, no lights were on, and no staff on duty.

There are more than fifty federal agencies with offices all over the USA. American embassies are microcosms of the federal government. Smaller embassies don’t have representatives from all agencies – it would not be effective or prudent. Large American embassies have multitudes of representatives where all agencies have offices. One can see that at the American Embassy in Paris, France with about 3,500 staff.

In those large embassies, special care is made to keep the FBI away – on different floors, in different corners of the building from agencies such as the CIA to keep the players – agents away from one-another, to avoid the possibility of any type of mayhem in the hallways.

Now, we have the terrible situation where top brass (we don’t know how deep this actually runs) of the FBI and Department of Justice exhibited total distain for decency and ethics as they illegally targeted a candidate for the presidency. They continued this criminal activity after Trump was elected and took office. They want to remove the President of the United states by any means, legal or illegal short of bloodshed. This absolutely reprehensible behavior is what happens in a typical third-world banana republic with a coup d’ etat.

A fish rots from its head.

Going back a bit, we had a ruthless FBI agent, Robert Mueller, who “got his man” sometimes an innocent, but Mueller was able to put a feather in his cap and move up the proverbial career ladder. There are also eyebrow raising rumors that Mueller had some cozy relations with the Boston mob boss, Whitey Bulger when Mueller was plying his trade in Boston.

As Mueller moved up the ladder, he found a compliant agent who he could mentor and tow along, James Comey. Mueller became the Director of the FBI as James Comey moved into the top echelons of the FBI and later became its Director himself.

Over at the DOJ, Loretta Lynch colluded with the Clintons who are an illustrious pair of teflon coated gangsters. In 2016 as Trump rapidly rose in popularity and Hillary’s political fortunes sank, plans were put into motion to protect Hillary from investigations of her gross corruption, treasonous handling of sensitive classified information, and more (the death of Seth Richards?). Lynch colluded with FBI Director Comey to violate laws, principles, and ethics to exonerate Hillary long before any proper investigation took place. Christopher Wray needs to reverse these crooked determinations.

It is essential that a Special Prosecutor who is not a Demoncrat be appointed to investigate the many facets of Hillary’s corruption as Secretary of State and in the 2016 election campaign.

With phony documents about ghost Russians, collusion that didn’t exist, manufactured phony intelligence, a cabal of Trump haters at the DOJ and the FBI determined to remove the elected President Trump by any means; an investigation was started to review Trump’s campaign, etc. It was determined that a Special Counsel should be appointed.

Conveniently Rod Rosenstein worked with FBI Director James Comey to appoint Comey’s former mentor and Trump hater Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to lead the attack to find a way to remove President Trump.
Mueller has failed. With all the anti-Trump bias displayed by Mueller and his mob of investigators this became a Keystone Kops exercise where they could not pin one thing on Trump regarding so-called Russian collusion or any other illegal campaign activities. Trump has been needling Mueller and his mob all along because Trump is clean and knows it.

How low have we fallen? How low will the Democrats/ Communists go to enslave America?

As we-the-people’s Congress has strived to sort some of this mayhem out, swamp captain Rod Rosenstein has become the main gatekeeper blocking the Congress from getting vital information about the inner workings of the FBI and DOJ in trying to dispose of President Trump. Rosenstein waffles this way and that doing a rope-a-dope to frustrate we-the-people. Rosenstein has become more dangerous to the Constitution than J. Edgar Hoover. Rosenstein needs to step aside, be fired, impeached by the Congress, or start cooperating in protecting the Constitution and the Office of the President.

Forget about Attorney General Jeff sessions who has seemingly recused himself from his job of protecting the Constitution. Sessions needs to join the dustbin of history.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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