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By James E. Horn


November 25, 2016



The internet and media are replete with reports regarding a possible Obama granting a blanket pardon of Hillary Clinton for her many and varied criminal conduct and misdeeds.  At the same time, there are signals that Trump may be reluctant about draining the swamp regarding going after Hillary with her e-mail scandal and compromising American national security, and other crimes, including treason.

Hillary Clinton is, in the opinion of most cognizant Americans, an unindicted felon.  She ought to be thoroughly investigated, charges brought up, tried, and face the consequences.

Suggestion:  Let it be known that if Obama grants a pardon to Hillary and members of her various crime syndicate crews in any manner, shape or form, that he, himself will find himself under investigation.  Obama is also an unindicted felon – for acts of treason.

We know that, over several administrations, past Presidents and their cabinet officials have often committed felonies or participated in illegal activities that would cause normal, real Americans to wind up in jail.  Incoming Presidents have studiously ignored these crimes and just let things “slide” This establishes the fact that there are elites immune from the consequences of their crimes.  This is just plain flat-out un-American.  Crimes by omission.

The Hillary Clinton list of crimes pale others by comparison, and this is why she must face the consequences of her actions, to set an example for future “elites”.

I hope that soon to be President Trump would keep his commitment and establish that he will indeed be the President of Americans, not just the elites, that he will run a truly law-abiding administration that we the people can honor and respect.  Please don’t let the crimes of the outgoing President and his crooked cabinet “slide”.  Establish a series of Special Prosecutors to investigate crimes and accusations of crimes, and recommend prosecution when crimes are clearly identified as prosecutable, etc.  Set the tone for a future America that elites will CLEARLY be held unaccountable for their reprehensive behavior.

Such actions will set the tone for President-Elect Trump’s new administration to be upright citizens as they serve we-the-people.

I, for one am sick of the ever-growing corruption and malfeasance that has taken place, some of which I have witnessed (sometimes up close and personal) over the past 50+ years, 30-years of which I spent working in the federal government.  I was so disgusted by some of this (the official jargon) Waste, Fraud and Mismanagement, or WFMM, that I had the gall to actually blow the whistle on crooks in Embassies, not once, not twice, but three times, and I suffered the consequences of being honest.  My career was ruined by highly critical performance reports and so forth.  I could not, however, be fired because I was correct and clean.



Rounding up criminal, felonious illegals and shipping them out of the country is a paramount first step in healing America.  Far too many people, citizens, and non-citizens alike live in daily jeopardy from the roaming criminals (many simply turned loose by Obama) that need to be locked up for a long time, or deported.

We have dozens of so-called “sanctuary cities” under the leadership of corrupt officials, who are waving their middle fingers at President-Elect Trump.  Those being provided sanctuary are not just illegal immigrants who work and feed their families.  Many are hard core criminals preying on non-citizens and citizens alike.  Others are Islamic terrorists, the worst of humanity.

Knowingly harboring criminals is a felony.

Soon to be President Trump can and should arbitrarily cut certain funding to those cities and communities and bring them to heel.  There are dozens of programs to choose from ranging from welfare benefits, funding for public transport, funding for airports, infrastructure funding and support, and much, much more.  Clobber them by cutting their funding.



There are laws that call for revocation of citizenship for Americans who join and serve in the armed forces of nations at war with the United States.

Many hundreds of American citizens have gone abroad to fight with ISIS and have returned.  ISLAM HAS DECLARED WAR ON THE UNITED STATES, and these Americans fall into that category.  We ought to be able to take measures to revoke the citizenship of these despicable America haters and send them back to where they decided to join and side with the enemy.  There would be endless lawsuits to protect them, and this is a problem.

In the interim, we can put their names on do not fly lists and refusal of entry lists to block them from returning to the United States.



My wife and I supported and worked hard for President-Elect Trump in his campaign and we are convinced that he will be a great leader and President.

Earlier than any of his many predecessors, he is already singling people out for Cabinet level appointments, and I am in agreement with the vast majority of these — with two exceptions so far:

Mitt Romney would fail America as Secretary of State.  He is a terrible choice.  He is completely self-serving and will NOT be good for Trump nor for the United States.  As he cannot be trusted, those that he would bring into the State Department to work for him cannot be trusted either.  In my book, EXPERIENCING ISLAM, I devoted an entire chapter to the damage that Mormons in the CIA did to our intelligence gathering efforts.  They were/are an unmitigated disaster.

Romney can be expected to keep the door open for the continuing flow of colonizing, unvetted, uncivilized jihadi “Syrian” refugees who will be terrible for America.

We can do better.  John Bolton has the strength of character, a total commitment to the United States, the vast depth of knowledge, and the skills needed to be effective from day one as Secretary of State.

Nikki Haley lacks the understanding needed for the job of Ambassador to the UN, and the fortitude and character to be effective.  She, on her first day in office, would quickly succumb to the dominant rulers of the UN.  Yes, I said rulers of the UN, the 57 Moslem nations of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) whose mission is, along with the Moslem Brotherhood, to denigrate and to ultimately destroy America.


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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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