Is our Liberty, our Fragile Republic in Jeopardy? 1

By James E. Horn

We are in an increasingly chaotic near civil war crisis with Communist anarchists by whatever name they chose to use rioting in the streets, murdering citizens and police, and working to destroy our precious republic.

We haven’t seen political violence of this nature or ferocity since the Civil War. Things are only going to get worse.

President Trump has condemned the violence and Joe Biden, all of a sudden after noting that the violence was harming his campaign has chimed in, a hollow action.

The Communist anarchists and their Democrat lackeys will not let up as long as they see Trump’s likely prevailing in the coming national election on November 3rd.

The Communist Democrats desperately want to win and will pull every manner of chicanery imaginable to prevail.

One scheme the Democrats are pushing is a vote by mail campaign where they will flood the nation with ballots not caring if the addressee is alive, dead, moved away, an illegal, eligible to vote, or whatever.

The postmaster general is well along on a plan to upgrade, update postal facilities in order to handle billions of pieces of mail faster – more efficiently.

Seeing new as well as old equipment stacked up outside of postal facilities, piles of old (removed, underused) mailboxes, the Democrats had a hissy fit claiming that the Postmaster General was working to undermine their scheme. (Many of those stacks of old and unused mailboxes were removed from service while Obama was in the White House.) In several states, vote by mail activities were dismal failures that actually clogged post offices with undeliverable mail, etc. To assuage the hysterical Democrats, the Postmaster General “accommodated” them by halting any further work on upgrading until after the November election. In reality, this “accommodation” will assure slower handling of mail in ballots.

Some cities are chaotic and it’s getting worse.

Anarchists such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Democrats, and others – all led by paid Communists organizers and agitators bent on destroying our precious republic and replacing the Constitution with “something better” – such as the Koran or a hard core communist state will continue. Their planned mayhem will increase and spread to other. In a few instances, these violent, hateful characters have spread their tentacles approaching smaller cities planning to destroy everything only to be met by heavily armed citizens and no-nonsense law enforcement.
They will keep trying, looking for soft spots to exploit.

Whenever, or wherever a person of color is shot by a cop, a riot erupts. Seemingly high on powerful drugs, Jacob Blake was able to toss off a police officer, walk away unfazed from two Taser jolts before one of seven shots hit his spine and stopped him.

Never mind that in most cases, the person wounded or killed is/was a confirmed criminal – it’s just an excuse for a violent destructive riot.

The now famous George Floyd death from health issues and illegal drugs while in police custody was a spark, an excuse for the anarchists to go off on destructive rampages.

It’s getting worse: In Wisconsin a foolish teenager got into a scuffle and used a gun to defend himself from armed assailants. Anarchists in Portland apparently targeted and murdered a peaceful white Christian in cold blood.

Recently, shipments of large quantities of firearms destined for anarchist groups have been intercepted by law enforcement agencies. These interceptions indicate that a program to arm anarchists is underway.

It is understood that many of these Communists have received training from Hamas and ISIS terrorists. They can be seen employing martial arts moves against law enforcement officers as well as against peaceful counter-demonstrators.

t is clear that the Communist anarchists intend to disrupt as much of America as they can in the coming months. If President Trump is re-elected, this will continue.

Anarchists will likely emulate Black Panther’s 2016 threats that kept citizens from voting in Pennsylvania. We should not be surprised for teams of dangerous anarchists to show up at balloting or polling stations all over the nation blocking white, elderly, and others from being able to cast ballots. They will likely fan out early to prevent citizens from hand delivering their absentee ballots to ballot receptacles. block Republican voters at ballot boxes, etc.

To deal with this, law enforcement officers must be present at EVERY balloting location in the nation. To accomplish this, armed civilians may need to be deputized.

Hillary Clinton has instructed Joe Biden that if Trump prevails at the ballot box, he (Joe Biden) should NEVER concede. This has very serious implications.

By refusing to concede, the balloting will be contested without cease fueling the anarchists and spurring Democrats to continue or even increase the mayhem.

This is farfetched, but given the wacko mental condition of the frantic left, the Communists, the Democrats, the Socialists, on January 20, 2021, the collective Communist led left could inaugurate Joe Biden and claim a win. They would demand that Trump leave the White House, etc. Would they ask the armed forces to remove Trump, or would they even invite foreign (Chinese) intervention?

It is incumbent on the legal authorities in national security positions and in law enforcement to step up their game, to organize and to prepare for the worst that the Communists – the modern Bolsheviks will do to invoke a violent overthrow of our elected government.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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One thought on “Is our Liberty, our Fragile Republic in Jeopardy?

  • Peggy McKinnon

    Great article Jim! Surely, the FBI is aware of where Antifa, BLM, Isis, Hamas, etc. are getting their funding. Why have we not cut off the snake’s head and put a stop to the crazed violence and rabid lawlessness? I get that states need to deal with their problems and ask for help from the feds as necessary, but it seems that this organization is far from isolated state uprisings as they in fact are traveling across state lines to bring the violence to many places, not just their own back yard. Please help me. What am I missing? FED UP!!!