FAKE Wuhan Virus Reporting

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Lies, deceit, fake numbers all point to a major rip-off of taxpayers.
China gave us the virus, and it’s all over the world and will kill millions before it ends.
The Wuhan virus is being abused in order to abuse Americans!
All reporting on Wuhan virus numbers is fake news. White House advisers have blatantly lied about the virus; universities have lied about virus numbers; government officials of every form have lied about the virus; government agencies and corporations have lied about the virus – all in order to flummox we-the-people as they rip us off for billions of dollars.
“Experts” like advisor Birx (the scarf lady) advised hospitals to inflate and misrepresent their numbers to get more money from overburdened and unemployed taxpayers. CDC director Robert Redfield admitted COVID deaths are being exaggerated by hospitals for higher compensation. That’s right, hospitals get paid more for Wuhan virus deaths than “regular” deaths. He compared it to the AIDS crisis when Hospitals would inflate AIDS deaths for more compensation.
The numbers being provided by so-called authorities and the media are patently false:
Reporting that there are “X” numbers of virus cases means squat.
Everyone who has had a stick shoved up their nose or wherever and gets a positive report is suddenly a victim. This is horsepookey! There are increasing numbers of relatively true anecdotal reports of medical personnel sending test kits with saline on the swabs to laboratories and getting “positives” back. Do the laboratories get a bonus for “positive” reports? That must be the case – an incentive for lying, for cheating.
So, fake positive reports show vastly inflated of numbers of virus afflicted people when such is not the case.
Then, people admitted to hospitals for whatever the reason are classified as virus admissions so the hospitals can rake in more money, crooked, dirty money. People who die from heart attacks, vehicle accidents, gunshots, cancer, any other disease, or simply old age are being classified as virus deaths – more bullpookey to hoodwink the public with vastly inflated numbers, and to further pad the pockets of hospitals and their administrators.
One tactic has been to test a dead body for the virus to see if they might have had contact with the virus and if so, are classified as virus deaths if there’s a positive test result from the body, a death ‘with’ the virus, not a death FROM the virus.
Another stunt to rise the numbers (and to look President Trump look bad) is to do what Gruesome Threesome Gavin Newsom in California is doing: Importing busloads of infected non-citizens from across the border and salting them into hospitals throughout the state. Reportedly, this is also being done in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.
The actual numbers of citizens actually hospitalized with the virus specifically and who actually die from (not with) the virus is likely a fraction of all of the false reporting taking place. We need accurate and truthful reporting
We need some serious investigations at federal, state, and local levels of all of this false reporting in order to pad bills sent to the government, and then for some (a lot) of hospital and government officials to be charged for fraud with intent – to defraud we-the-people.

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