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Once again, Americans are faced with the ugly specter of gun seizures, draconian controls, prison sentences, and more at the hands of our Democratic – Communist – Nazi national leadership.
Germany, Russia, China, North Korea, VietNam, Cambodia, and other nations outlawed and confiscated self defense guns before they collectively slaughtered over 200,000,000 innocents. Will America be added to this list of governments that slaughter innocent people before imposing draconian Communist controls on us – victims?

The 1992 Los Angeles riots took a toll with dozens killed, thousands injured, and billions in damage to businesses and property leaving parts of Los Angeles still scarred decades later. Police and National guardsmen were unable – incapable of protecting civilians, property owners, and businesses from the ravages of the rioters.
However, when rioters advanced into Los Angeles’ Koreatown, they were confronted with heavily armed defenders on rooftops. The rioters, confronted with an overwhelming force of determined, well-armed Koreans turned tail and fled. Koreatown was not raped, was not robed, and was not burned. Guns were the deciding factor.

In 2020, elements of Los Angeles area Antifa anarchists descended on a small, rural Southern California city about 100 miles east of Los Angeles. They were planning some serious mayhem. Armed citizens of Yucaipa met them with guns on display. Faced with a serious opposing force, the Antifa punks fled, promising to return later with a large force and to burn the city down. Later, the Antifa punks boldly announced when they would mount another attack promising to turn the city into ashes.
Citizens of San Bernardo and Riverside counties gathered together, made plans, and took action. The day before the planned attack, citizens sent emails to the Governor, Attorneys General, the State Police the excellent San Bernardino sheriff, and other Law enforcement Agencies to inform them of the Antifa plan and that 200-300 heavily armed citizens would face the anarchists promising an outcome that nobody would like.
Yucaipa with a population of about 55,000 people is located in Southern San Bernardino County, about ten miles north of the I-10 freeway. Yucaipa is surrounded by farmland, etc.
On the given day while the Antifa anarchists were starting their drives towards Yucaipa, the California Highway Patrol shut the Eastbound 4-lane I-10 freeway down causing a backup for dozens of miles trapping most of the Antifa anarchists in an ensuing traffic jam that lasted for more than three hours. Several dozen Antifa anarchists managed to circumvent the traffic jam and made their way into Yucaipa, to their rendezvous point. Hundreds, frustrated never got there.
We armed civilians came from other directions, mostly nearby, and rendezvoused at the terrorists’ target, at the city hall and small Police Station. We had a BBQ party and waited for few hours. We noticed the presence of several Sheriff Deputies located here and there, etc. We noted at one point that sheriff deputies started to don their battle gear and move out.
When the punks, the terrorist wannabees formed up and started their 100-yard march towards the Civic Center, more than twenty Sheriff cruisers surrounded them, split them up with half on one side of the street, half on the other where the deputies told them that anyone stepping off of the curb would be detained, and that nobody could advance one more foot towards the Civic Center.
Members of our civilian groups then walked in among the Antifa punks who were totally subdued, divided into two smaller groups, and had a grand old time calling them out, insulting and humiliating them while the Sheriff deputies looked on.
After two hours, the punks decided to leave. Not so fast. The deputies allowed one car to depart at a time to be escorted to the freeway ten miles distant before another car could leave. That exercise took until sunset.

These are two fabulous examples of where heavily armed civilians thwarted – totally shut down terrorist assaults on peaceful communities.


Confronted with Democratic Communists determined to destroy our Republic and to enslave we citizens, turn us into expendable serfs, we need to arm up.
Led by a controlled senile old fool in the White House and other determined communist leaders in the majority in our Congress, draconian gun measures are being planned, being implemented. They want to impose a national gun registry, make gun buyers jump through hoops to prove they are not criminals, and to wait eons while the corrupted, compromised FBI, BATF and others take their sweet time to approve gun sales. A thriving black market for guns & ammo is rapidly growing – because our own government seems to hate us. A cottage industry has arisen where backyard or basement enterprises are producing kits that people can purchase, assemble (with some finishing machining), and produce a variety of guns. The Communists hate this because there are no serial numbers on these ghost guns and no ballistic records that can lead them to anyone. This is good.
Still, some people want, need to purchase legitimate self-defense guns for their homes, businesses, to protect their families from because of underfunded and undermanned police departments. When they do, they will go get their guns, on record. All citizens who have Concealed Weapons Permits (CCW), retired law enforcement officials, and so forth are therefore marked.

There are possible ways to thwart the Communists and those who hate armed citizens.
It is against the law to use ‘straw’ buyers – strangers who buy guns for civilians (and criminals). Still, it happens daily. People contact the police regularly to report “stolen” guns. It’s a racket for many that pays well. Thousands of people have multiple drivers’ licenses – fakes that the FEDS don’t catch.
Buying or transferring guns between close relatives is not illegal (yet).
Taking your senior citizen grandpa or grandma to a gun shop or gun show and buying a gun in their name is not illegal – do it. When the BATF shows up and wants to see grandma’s gun, grandma can claim forgetfulness, etc., to thwart the government thugs.
If you have a gun that is registered, using a credit card to buy your ammunition is OK. If you have a gun that they don’t know about, only use cash when buying ammo. There are a number of ammo purchasing clubs where people buy ammunition of calibers for guns they do not have and provide that ammo to others in the club, etc. So, when BATF shows up at my house looking for my ACP 45 that I don’t have, I can tell them that I bought the ammo by mistake and trashed it because I had no need for it…….
Political fools in high places go nuts about so-called “assault weapons” that do not exist except in their immature and very vivid imaginations, that are merely hunting guns, home security guns, etc., that are comfortable to hold and easy to use. These fools such as Senator Feinswein and “Beto” O’Rourke don’t know the difference between a hobbyist gun used on shooting ranges, deer rifles for food, shotguns, and a real assault gun like an AK-47 which can be bought on the American black market.
If you have a smart home with smart TV’s smart Radios, alexa, echo, siri, etc.: things that will answer you and can hear you and even report on you or your conversation, shut up. Do not talk about your guns with these dangerous spy devices around. You have NO privacy in your home with these, and the FBI, BATF, the Chinese Communists, etc., can and do listen in on you, privacy be damned.
You do have a need to stash your guns, sling shots, crossbows, telescopes, etc. That is becoming increasingly difficult. When Hussein Obama was president, he worked to get ground penetrating radar into at least one helicopter in every county in America. They work well for law enforcement when identifying the locations of criminals in homes. They can also find your gun and ammunition stash. You can no longer hide them in a closet, bury them in your yard, anything like that because the radar can find them.
You need to devise clever ways to disguise or to otherwise protect your guns from the radar, to protect them from Communists who would steal them. Consider: raising the bottom of your tableware (knives, spoons, forks) drawer and installing spring clips on the bottom where semi-auto pistols can be stashed; put them in the third drawer down in a tool chest; keep them with metal garden tools in a shed, anything where the clutter of other metal objects can obscure them. Think of other ways to obscure them from radar which can see 2-10 feet into the ground, etc. It’s your property to protect.
A decrepit gun safe located in an obvious location with one or two old, broken, defective weapons that you can sacrifice would let the gun grabbers think they discovered a bonanza while your protected hardware can be safe.
We gun owners are the defenders of freedom and liberty. Government is increasingly the oppressor..

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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    Hi Jim. Heard you weren’t feeling well recently. Glad you’re back to your old self and out of FB jail. After a long and painful illness, my wife of 36 years, Pamela passed away March 5. I have read your “Guns and Ammo” three times and agree with every word you wrote. I’ve always been impressed with your life mission since Mustang introduced us. I’ll be following you closer now that my life has changed. I’m a believer!