By James E. Horn

My friend, Mike, contacted me recently with a question.  He was in a discussion with someone who claimed that the vast majority of hate crimes taking place in the United states are against Moslems and wanted some information.  This piqued my curiosity because I know in my heart that such is not true.



Matthew 7:12 (see also Luke 6:31):  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.



This is the Golden Rule of Christianity, and a law of Moses passed on to the Jews.  It seems that many Americans are ignoring or are unaware of this biblical rule.  During my 30-years in the diplomatic service, I heard this used on a nearly daily basis, but with a contemporary variance of wording called RECIPROCITY – which means doing to the other guy what he does to us.



The FBI has published statistics indicating that hate crimes continue to rise, and a (bogus) report by Azadeh Ansari of CNN claimed that hate crimes against Moslems have increased most sharply.  Statistics are numbers, and often fail to reflect reality and other factors involved in reports that turn into statistics.



The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) lists 892 hate groups that they claim to be operating in the United States.  I looked at the SPLC’s list of so-called haters.  Not a one of these are Moslem, Muslim, Mohammedan, or Islamic, not even CAIR which happens to be an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land foundation scandal.  According to the SPLC, hate group activities can include rallies, speeches, meetings such as ACT meetings, church meetings, gospel singing, conservative citizen groups, the Mormons, passing out leaflets, or publishing books that they don’t like.  So, according to SPLC, my speaking, publishing, and writing truths and facts is so offensive (to whom, I know not, but assume it is Moslems) as to be rendered a hate crime.



This SPL definition really skews and confuses the meaning between crime and teaching, and renders some FBI reporting numbers or statistics of hate crimes as highly questionable.



The SPLC is itself a hate mongering organization that attacks in writing, meetings, and speech all manner of American citizens – Patriots because they/we speak their/our minds, the truth.  The SPLC falls into the same category as CAIR which Has no credibility.



Oh, lest I forget, the SPLC now apparently gets the lion’s share of its funding from Islamic sources.



An FBI Unified Crime Report in 2014 showed about 1,140 victims of anti-religious hate crimes reported in the U.S. in 2014. “Of the 1,140 victims of anti-religious hate crimes: 56.8 percent [56.8%] were anti-Jewish.   Just “16.% were anti-Islamic (Muslim).



Let’s be clear:  The various Moslem organizations (nearly all operating under the umbrella of the Moslem Brotherhood) such as CAIR work following the dogma of Islam which is hugely bigoted and biased against all who are non-Moslem and Moslem females (Mt book MOSLEM MEN FEAR WOMEN details Islamic misogyny in this regard.)



One of the major components of Islam’s colonizing efforts to undermine our culture and Constitution is the use of takiyya (an Arab word) – approved lies, dissembling, and untruths of any manner so long as they support the advancement of Islam, protect Moslems and hurt non-Moslems.



From this we get the example of Barak Obama’s takiyya telling us to not call the Ohio state attack a hate crime even though a self-radicalized Moslem did it.  The murderer he has been praised by many Moslem terrorist organizations, and even claimed by ISIS to be one of theirs.  Language such as this coming from the President is tantamount to treason.  To top it off, the killer used a knife and the anti-gun nuts took off on another anti-gun rant.  Go figure…



On Wednesday, November 30th, 2016, FOX’s Tucker Carlson hosted a professor from one of the prestigious Washington, D.C. universities – one blessed with millions of dollars in donations from the nearby Saudi embassy.  Carlson and professor Engy Abdelkader were discussing the attack at Ohio State University by Abdul Razak Ali artan, a confirmed hard-core Somali Terrorist.  Abdelkader dumped a pile of takiyya (balderdash, horsepookey, and lies) on Carlson with her claims that when Moslems come to America, anti-Moslem bigotry contributes to Moslems’ feelings of “cultural homelessness”.  Actually, Moslem bigotry, hatred, and distain directed at civilized Americans causes Americans to reciprocate.



During the broadcast, the Abdelkader told Carlson that if Americans were to stop being Islamophobic such things might not happen.  This is takiyya doublespeak.  First, Islamophobia is not a real word, it is Moslem concoction.  Second, she was telling Carlson that we all should submit to the superiority, domination, and control of Islam, and become Dhimmis, semi-slaves to Moslems.  [Dhimmis have no rights and cannot protect themselves from Moslem thieves, rapists, con artists, attackers, and much more.]  The woman is simply insane.



When soon-to-be President Trump starts draining the swamp, the swamp scum educators such as this liar need to lose their teaching credentials and shown the proverbial door.  We don’t need our youth being brainwashed with these types of evil lies.



The MB and CAIR have been adroitly working to teach all Moslems that if anyone looks at them crosswise, they are to run to the police and report that as a hate crime.  That is where the faux statistical claim of so many hate crimes against Moslems comes from.  Many of those reports are in fact hate crimes being committed against non-Moslems.



On the other hand, Moslems and their sympathizers freely and openly curse at non-Moslems, intentionally “bump” into them, steal from us, walk in front of them hindering access to various places, create dangerous situations, crowd women to intimidate them, and even get physical with people with impunity.  This is wrong and there is a solution to this trend of hate crimes against non-Moslems:

All non-Moslems need to get tuned into the colonization efforts underway, the work by anti-American Moslems to undermine our freedom and our Constitution.  We need to follow the golden rule and reciprocate.  The Moslems are busily doing unto us, and we need to return the courtesy.



Be first.  Anytime a Moslem says anything harsh, takes an inappropriate action, “bumps” into someone, cuts a line in a store, refuses service to a non-Moslem customer, or anything of that nature, we need to immediately contact the police and file our reports of harassment, bullying, intimidation, and their acts of aggression first.  If some Moslem pushes or “bumps” into someone, we need to “take a dive” to the pavement, get our clothes dirty, scuff our legs, hands, arms, or even our faces on the pavement and immediately call for an ambulance and the police; and proceed with a criminal complaint that could lead to a civil action that will cost the Moslems money.  That is called lawfare in this war for the future of America and civilization.



Inferiors are Infidels (enemies of allah), Kafirs (the hated ones), DHIMMIS (called the insulted ones in Arabic):  Mohammed taught that Moslem men are superior beings destined to rule over all other creatures on earth.  Women are chattel, to be used as a Moslem pleases, bought, sold, abused, whatever.



Non Moslems, Inferiors, Infidels, Kafirs, DHIMMIS (the most vile derogatory terms in reference to non-Moslems) are to be abused, mistreated, robbed from, beaten, crippled and even killed because they are derived from pigs, apes and dogs.  That is an important lesson from Mohammed’s Koran that every Moslem is taught and reminded of often.  I am a book writer, and I have included a glossary of Islamic terms in the back of each of my books (available at www,



Moslems delight in calling many of us racists although many of the Moslems are in fact serious racist bigots.  They do this because it intimidates many of us, causes us to be PC and so forth.  It’s hard to defend ourselves from a false charge that is so incendiary and they know it.  Mohammed’s words to describe black Africans was egregiously derogatory.  We need to reciprocate, and when a Moslem calls us something like a racist, we need to reciprocate – follow the golden rule and tell them that here, in our America, they are the Infidels.



We are at war!  Mohammed declared that there would never be any peace anywhere until all of the earth is ruled by Moslems.  The Arabic term for a place like America is “a place at war”.  We need to understand that this conflict is NOT a game, that the Islamists are serious, and that every time a Moslem takes the life of a non-Moslem, it is a time for Moslems to celebrate.



After decades of depredations against Americans, we need a President and a Congress with some backbone that will simply acknowledge that Islam has declared war on us and that we need to do onto them as they are doing onto us.


Without a free America, there is NO freedom in the world.



About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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