The Swamp Swallows Tillerson

The Swamp Swallows Tillerson
By James E. Horn, former Diplomat

Secretary of State (SECSTATE) Rex Tillerson just humiliated himself and embarrassed the Trump administration.
SECSTATE Tillerson seems to have been badly muddied by denizens of the Deep State swamp at Fogy Bottom. Tillerson failed to adequately sweep the halls of grossly inept employees.
A majority of policy wonks and advisors at the Department of State are elitists from solidly leftist/liberal Ivy League colleges and universities. This means that many are ideologically stuck in the cement of arrogant willful ignorance about much of the world, especially the Middle East. There is a true vacuum of intellectual cognizance and integrity at the Department of State that leads them to wrongly believe that they know it all.
When Mr. Tillerson was sworn in as SECSTATE, I wrote to him about his new job and hurdles he would face. Obviously, my letter was intercepted and more than likely shredded and pulverized.
I warned him about the arrogant elitists who would jeopardize his effectiveness as the Secretary of State, the ability for him to truly lead the foreign policy of the Trump administration. As he was settling in, there was immediate friction between him and staffers in the White House regarding foreign affairs. I suspect that this is ongoing, but when he demanded that the President recognize his authority (not knowledge or understanding), he got it.
From the time that I joined the Foreign Service in 1966, I have observed one Secretary of State after another dutifully trundle off to the Middle East on “peace” missions. They were lied to and deceived, mostly by the Moslem potentates and grand pubahs, and on their return, pontificated on how effective they had been. Their “peace” missions failed to produce any meaningful results, and in fact often led to more wars and strife.
Most Foreign Service Officers (aka, diplomats) working in Middle Eastern affairs have started their careers at American diplomatic missions in one or more of the fifty-seven Moslem, or Islamic nations. Poorly trained and oriented, unable to think and judge critically, they often fell for the dawah (Moslem brainwashing dribble) that we are all subjected to. This has let all too many to become quite pro-Moslem, anti-Semitic, and stanch defenders of Islam regardless of what the truths, facts, and history teach. They are single mindedly ignorant, and thus have advised one Secretary of State after another wrongly, setting them up for failure.
Last week, SECSTATE Tillerson visited the Saudis and in one of their discussions, he spoke about their (the Saudis) need to work together with the Iraqis for peace. He humiliated himself and again gave reason for the Saudis to laugh up their sleeves at the USA. Tillerson was obviously not aware that the tribe called the government of Iraq is Shia (closely affiliated with the government of Iran) and the Saudi tribe are hard core Sunni Wahhabis. They are bitter enemies who have been at one-another’s throats for 1200 years.
The Sunni ISIS is apparently crumbling as the Shia Iraqis, with “volunteers” from Iran are capturing territory and wreaking revenge on the Sunnis in ways that we are not being told about. Assuredly, it is bloody, violent, and horrible.
When “W” Bush decided to invade Iraq and depose Saddam, I wrote to the White House and Condi Rice (these letters were also likely pulverized) to inform them about the tribalism which would play a huge role. I urged the Bush administration to carve Iraq into three areas according to tribal affiliation: The south for the Shia, the Anbar region for the Sunnis, and the north to the Kurds. With that, there would have been three smaller nations beholding to us, and which would have provided less reasons for revenge. [Under the Turks and followed by Saddam (all Sunnis), the Shia had been suffering for six centuries.] The Moslems are a vengeful people with long memories, and turning the place over to the Shia absolutely guaranteed the civil wars affecting everyone over there in both Iraq and Syria (whose government is essential Shia).
The “experts” at the State Department played a huge role in misinforming American leaders about the ugly hornet’s nest that we stirred up when we deposed Saddam (who we supported during his earlier decade long war with Iran).
Saddam’s Republican Guard became the al Qaeda of Iraq who morphed into ISIS. Their hatred for us is bitter because we abandoned them to face revenge from the hated Shia. Now, with no central location to call “home”, the ISIS will branch out further, and seriously begin to exact revenge on us, you and I, with Saudi connivance and funding.
Secretary of State Tillerson, President Trump, and many others are receiving very poor advice from the elites at Foggy Bottom. Thousands have suffered terribly and died needlessly because of the willfully ignorant fools at Foggy bottom. Many more will suffer, and this pain will be right here, at home. It has likely started with some of the terrible fires we’ve had being man-started following guidelines set forth in ISIS magazines.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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