Will Those Doors Stay Shut?

By James E. Horn

Mohammed’s colonizing Islam is just plain evil and more people outside of the West know and understand than those many willfully ignorant, so-called intellectuals and self-proclaimed smart people in the west.
Two countries where I have lived are stepping up to slam the door to Islamofascist colonizers. Others are likewise closing their doors to nasty colonizers, aka Islamofascists. They are courageous, wise people. Their wisdom is derived from bitter experience of their ancestors. We can learn a great deal by watching them and then emulating them.

From 1971-1973, I lived in a capital city called Bangui which is located on the banks of the Ubangi River across from Zongo in the Congo (now called Zaire). The impoverished Central African Republic (CAR) is the size of Texas and is just about centered in the African continent. When I was there, the major road ran from the city to the President’s (Jean Bedel Bokassa at the time) house out in the toolies. That was the only paved highway. There were some paved streets in the city of Bangui. In total, about 150 miles of that vast Texas sized land were paved.
There were/are two exports: Cotton during the six months of the year when the river can accommodate barges; and hand mined diamonds from riverbeds.
The CAR is mostly Christian, with animists in some areas, and Moslems up north and to the East. The Moslems had/have links through Chad to Libya and to the Sudan to the East, both of whom promote and actually practice ethnic cleansing, the slaying of Christians and animists. In recent years the murderous slave taking Boko Haram have also moved into the CAR.
Year by year, the Islamists have encroached more and more into areas that they have “cleansed”. The CAR needs help from the responsible, civilized people of the world to help them to close the door to the barbarians, aka Islamofascism: https://www.yahoo.com/news/america-act-fast-avert-genocide-131600916.html and https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2017-09-19/central-african-president-pleads-to-un-dont-forget-us?src=usn_gp.

After getting kicked out of the American Embassy in Algeria by a Jimmy Carter appointed Ambassador, I was shipped off to supposedly remote Rangoon, Burma (now Myanmar) where my family and I lived and thrived from 1979-1983.
Burma is one of those places where the colonial British took a map, and drew lines to create a nation containing several diverse groups of people, mainly Burmans (Bamar), Chins, Shan, Kachins, Mon, and a few others, including the non-indigenous Rakhine, many who were brought in by the British to work as laborers. With the exception of the Rakhine, the majority populations are Buddhist and Christian converts who have traditionally been peaceful and accommodating of one-another in accordance with their faiths. [Buddhism is a philosophy for living and accordingly one can be both a Buddhist as well as a Christian, or whatever.] Latecomers who blended in, or stayed for a while and moved on were ethnic Chinese refugees fleeing from the Mao Tse Tung’s Communists.
Islamists established footholds in the Indian subcontinent as early as the 8th century, and the real conquest and subjugation of the Indian sub-continent took place from the 12th to the 16th centuries. The ethnic cleansing of Buddhists from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Assam/Bengal, etc. was brutal, as was the elimination of millions of Hindus. An estimated forty million (40,000,000) innocent human beings were slaughtered by the devout sharia compliant followers of Mohammed, aka Islam. The estimated population of the Indian subcontinent in 1400 was between 75-100 million. The Moslems invaders murdered half of the population and turned the remainder into serfs, virtual slaves.
In 1400, Bengal (much of what is now Bangladesh) was a sparsely occupied lowland and uninhabitable swamps. The Moslem Moghul emperors force migrated millions into those lowlands of present day Bangladesh to create an agricultural empire. Moghuls imposed Islam on that low caste (untouchables?) population and ensured that Islam was prevalent. Some of this can be dated back to the 8th century.
The Rohingya are low caste outcasts from Assam (Bengal before it was portioned in 1948) who claim to have lived on the western frontier of Burma/Myanmar for a thousand years, or were brought to Burma by the British several hundred years ago. The Rohingya were probably untouchables and actually elevated their status by adopting Islam.
There has been strife between the Islamist Rohingya and the Buddhists for well over a century, most notably following WWII when the Buddhists started to reclaim lands taken over by the Rohingya during the period of British rule. This strife has increased in volume and intensity over the past sixty years as the Moslem incursion buoyed by Moslem migrants from Bangladesh into traditional indigenous Buddhist territory has intensified.
Wherever the Rohingya have gone, property both physical and land has been stolen, crimes increased, rapes, murder, and pillaging have intensified.
The dominant group in Burma/Myanmar are Buddhists. I played a very small role in educating or reminding Buddhists that parts of Iran, all of Afghanistan, most of Pakistan, and much of India were predominantly Buddhist before the Islamists colonized and murdered half of the people in sight. Mostly men were murdered, and the women were raped and enslaved as is the common practice of colonizing Moslems.
Cognizant of the fate awaiting them if they allow the continuing incursions and expansion of Islam into their land, the indigenous Buddhists are pushing back and closing the door now, before it’s too late.
In recent years, the government of Myanmar has become much closer to their northern Chinese neighbors, and as far as Islam goes, the Chinese will solidly back the Buddhists of Burma/Myanmar. The Chinese have had Moslems on their western frontier attempting to take over parts of China for a thousand years. The Chinese understand all too well what the fate of people conquered by Islamist colonists is, and it’s dreadful.
In my book, EXPERIENCING ISLAM, I address the Chinese incorporation of Tibet into greater China pointing out that five countries bordering on Tibet have common endings to their national names – “stan”. If China withdrew from Tibet those salivating Moslem barbarians would overrun and destroy Tibet just as they did Afghanistan. China’s protective presence in Tibet has closed that door to the Islamists.
Islam is also striking violently into Thailand, and the Thais will soon emulate their fellow Buddhists in Burma to push the Islamists back.

The nations of Western Europe with their doors wide open are committing suicide by welcoming millions of violent, hateful, fully sharia compliant Islamists into their borders. They have more limited experience with Satan’s pride – the Moslems. Sweden is nearly 100% dominated by Moslems. Sweden’s Jews have bailed or have gone underground. Moslems in Belgium boast that they will be the majority in that country before 2050. France may soon vanish along with Germany. England is in denial, and the Greeks are fools.
Spain, Norway, and Finland seem to be awakening.
Keeping the door closed: Former Soviet Bloc nations (Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania (and to a lesser extent Austria, etc.) who have recently joined the EU and NATO are standing tall and firm and refusing to accept so-called refugees from “Syria” (Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, etc.) who these nations see for what they are – an invasion force determined to conquer, pillage, and enslave Europe (soon to be re-named Eurabia?).
The Foolish Germans and French who dominate the EU are working on behalf of the Islamists and trying to punish and intimidate these wise, experienced, intelligent nations, to compel them to accept hateful Islamists into their countries. These (above mentioned) nations have all experienced and have had to deal with Islamist invaders over several centuries and have successfully repelled them and closed their doors.
To protect themselves, these nations may feel compelled to strengthen their ties with Russia which has had and still has frothing at the mouth Moslems lined up along their southern frontiers.
Vladimir Putin has publicly declared that Russia and America will be natural allies (Along with the Chinese and India) in the coming wars with Islam.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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