By James E. Horn

The Moslem Brotherhood’s Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has unleashed a sustained assault on the Republican Party regarding curbing Republican activities in educating Americans in the arena of American politics. This action is consistent with the Moslem Brotherhood’s efforts to suppress the first Amendment rights of free speech, the freedom to speak, and the freedom for others to hear.

The GOP must ignore these bullying jihadi (holy war against our Constitution) attempts at intimidation aimed at silencing (killing the messengers) America’s important Republican organizations. This is what a patriotic, Constitution supporting organization must do – work tirelessly to protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies both DOMESTIC and foreign. CAIR is a domestic enemy created by Hamas terrorists (three of five of the CAIR founders have been imprisoned and/or deported based on terrorism convictions).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has identified CAIR as a criminal enterprise and has ceased participating in many activities with CAIR. CAIR is not much different than the Mafia. [A book, MOSLEM MAFIA, goes into great detail about CAIR’s criminal activities.]

CAIR is an unindicted (meaning there was not sufficient evidence to lead to a conviction) co-conspirator in the Holy Land Trial where CAIR played a lead role in raising funds, laundering the money, and transferring that money by illegal means to Palestinian terrorist groups. CAIR was founded by Islamist Palestinians using money provided to them by covert (illegal) means. Of the five founders of CAIR, three have been sent to prison on terrorist convictions and/or have been deported from the United States.

CAIR is one of many front organizations operating under the control of the Moslem Brotherhood whose chief objective is to replace our Constitution with Islamic sharia law (and to turn us into a Moslem governed nation such as Pakistan, Gaza, Egypt, etc., where misery, poverty, fear, and hatred rule.) Chief among the objectives of these domestic enemies is to undermine and to cancel out the First Amendment to the Constitution – freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.

Within the American Moslem community, CAIR has notoriously taught Moslems to NOT cooperate with any elements of US law enforcement without a representative of CAIR present to lie for them, etc.

Political discourse is essential to our liberty and the GOP has a long, successful history of playing a major leading role in American politics and should not be silenced by any organization for any reason.

It is imperative that the GOP and all of its affiliates avoid falling for this jihadi operation utilizing these tactics of CAIR (and others) to compel the GOP to become submissive servants of the colonizers (Islam) regarding disseminating truths and facts about political Islam. Political Islam is the most significant existential threat to the USA.

CAIR has intervened to successfully intimidate and bully several significant GOP and conservative entities and functions into submitting to commands ordered by CAIR. This is taking place at the national level (CPAC), state, county/parish, and city levels (with mosques and other such symbols of Islamic conquest). Here is one example regarding CAIR spearheading the stealth jihad in California: A devoted Republican woman reportedly commented negatively regarding a pseudo Republican, Harmeet Dhillon, being an inappropriate candidate for 1st VP of the CAGOP because of her apparent pro-Islam (she has been so adamantly pro-Islam that some have identified Dhillon as an Islamist) positions in support of CAIR and Islam. Reportedly, Dhillon is a consultant on retainer for CAIR, and thus very energetically does their bidding to the detriment of American liberty and freedom. Dhillon imposed her will on behalf of CAIR and compelled the ignorant or cowardly (or both) leadership of the Federated Republican Women to expel the very knowledgeable and patriotic woman (now, a victim of Islamic bullying) from a leadership Republican position that her membership elected her to. Again, Dhillon is apparently a very well paid, dedicated supporter of CAIR and quite possibly a sincere dhimmi dedicated to protecting and supporting Islam in every way possible. [Reportedly, Dhillon was adamantly against the California Republican Party even considering adding American Laws for American Courts (ALAC )to its platform. This reported anti-American action of Dhillon is consistent with Moslem Brotherhood/CAIR efforts to overcome American Constitutional law and to impose hostile sharia laws on American citizens.)

On March 31st, CAIR’s Michigan chapter called on Oakland County, MI, Republicans to drop Richard Thompson as a speaker for its April 1 meeting. Thompson is President of the Ann Arbor based Thomas Moore Law Center, an organization well established in educating Americans about Islam and in defending patriots in court when they are attacked by Islamists such as CAIR and dozens of other Moslem Brotherhood mouthpieces.

In a lot of instances, wise, competent people have recognized CAIR (and other Islamic branches of the MB) jihadis to try to bully their way around, and have thwarted those efforts.

The GOP and all of its entities and leadership should reject CAIR’s intimidation and continue hosting and promoting renowned expert speakers who know, understand, and are not intimidated by Islamist thugs such as CAIR. Most if not all of the below listed speakers have been condemned by Islamists who have issued fatwas (injunctions to silence them) against these speakers and writers whom the Islamists fear and hate: Bill Warner, Claire Lopez, FBI expert John Guandolo, Andrew Whitehead, Jim Horn, Dave Gaubatz, Dinesh D’Souza, John Sullivan, Tom Trento, Allen West, Steve Amundson, Robert Spencer, Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, Pamela Gellar, Nonie Darwish, Steve Martel, Wafa Sultan, Steve Klein, and many more.

Recently, mounted an assault on liberal ABC TV for planning to air a (true documentary) show regarding American Citizens being kidnapped from the USA back to the middle east, and the USG’s doing little-to-nothing about this crime.

Colonial Islam is here in America and is encroaching on our freedom and liberty. Given the opportunity, these colonizing Islamist terrorists will do with us Americans as the Europeans did to the American Indians, annihilate them (us) and their (our) civilization.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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