Today’s New World Order is Doomed 1

(Orwell’s book – 1984)
James E. Horn

The guiding mantra of every NWO is ‘POWER BY ANY MEANS NECESSSARY’.

The current Russia-Ukraine conflict brings renewed attention to the present New World Order who backed and encouraged Zelenskyy to provoke Russia. Zelenskyy’s Ukraine has been stalemated by freedom seeking ethnic Russians in the Donbas and Eastern Ukraine. Zelenskyy wanted to join NATO and thereby obtain advanced NATO weaponry and allies to use against the ethnic Russians. It backfired. Are Zelenskyy and the NWO responsible for provoking death and destruction in Ukraine by poking a finger in the Russian bear’s eye?

The Christian church was a NWO movement that fractured itself but has survived and thrived as disparate Christians. Rome was a NWO movement that collapsed. civilized peoples crushed the Nazi/Axis NWO. Joe Stalin’s NOW, aka Communism collapsed.

A present Fascist NWO is supported by a bevy of nasty delusional internationalist psychopaths such as Klaus Schwab, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Bill Gates, Hussein Obama, Henry Kissinger, and many others, all greedy, and of evil intent. They include The Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, NATO, OSN, MMF, CIA, Illuminati, Free Masons, families of bankers, financiers, royal families) and more fools who want to create their collective version of utopia, a terribly false utopia. Like Rome, the NAZIS, and Stalinism, this present Fascist NWO is doomed to failure.

Another seriously frightful NWO, Islam has proven to be durable. 1400-years in the making, Islam continues to grow and to expand. The present Western European Fascist NWO is has invited Islam in. Islam is on track to gobble up much of the European NWO.

The present American NWO branch, the Fascist Democratic Socialists (FDS) absolutely detest real American patriots, veterans, Republicans, Trump supporters, etc. We are armed to the teeth and rightfully scare the stuffing out of them. The Fascist Democratic Socialists went all out to steal the 2020 Presidential election from the winner, President Trump and to disenfranchise at least 71-million legitimate American voters who are all angry.

A tool used in an attempt to gain power over free people was the Wuhan Plague and faux (toxic) vaccines (the jab) created by American NWO Big Pharma Oligarchs and pushed by evil or stupid bureaucrats including Joe Biden. Millions who submitted to the jabs have suffered and continue to suffer all manner of adverse health issues including horrible deaths. Our murderous FDS refused to treat the ill with proven life saving remedies. Thousands of defenseless elderly Americans were murdered by state and local governments.

Millions more refused the “jabs” and remain healthy.

We Americans have lessons of a sort to learn from the Ukraine: When the Russian invasion began, a call to arms went out and the Ukraine government armed tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians with lethal armaments now effectively being used to kill thousands of Russians and to stall Russian advances.

America has the Second Amendment and between two hundred million and three hundred million armed citizens. The FDS are terrified of us taking up or responding to a call to arms and eliminating them and the swamp they dwell in.

A lifeline of North America, the truckers, first went after the Canadian fascists regarding government edicts to get their jabs” and to mask up. The truckers won! American truckers hit back in the district of Columbia, as did truckers worldwide. To protect themselves, their pricey trucks, and valuable cargoes most truckers are well armed. The police know this and tread carefully. The Freedom Convoys cowed American FDS power grabbers.

Islam is THE existential threat to civilization. Islam is being allowed, even encouraged to thrive as they pursue their 1400-years in the making NWO. Orwellian Islam must be stopped! The People’s Republic of China is a leading entity in thwarting the growth of Islam. A few uncowed European and American Christians are striving to educate the world about the evils of the Islamic NWO.

About James E. Horn

Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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One thought on “Today’s New World Order is Doomed


    Excellent analysis, but also frightening. Many American institutions that we had trusted are now so deeply embedded in the New World Order. We have to wonder who they pledge their allegiance to … doesn’t sound like it would the United States.