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BLM/Antifa Anarchists Neutralized

A small group of BLM curs attempted to cause a ruckus in Yucaipa, CA, in June; were confronted by gun toting locals, tucked their tails and beat a hasty retreat promising revenge.

They set their sights for Saturday, August 1st and called for a large pack of curs to “destroy the city”.

This Southern California area is NOT Seattle or Portland.

We patriots got wind of this and held our first meeting (of about 20 men) in mid-July to first shoot up some targets and then start strategizing. An expert in dealing with human curs, patriot USMC veteran Steve Klein took a leading role in the planning by notifying and working with law enforcement on this issue.

On Saturday, August 1st with temperatures at 107 degrees, we went to Yucaipa to join large numbers of armed patriots prepared to forcefully deal with the curs.

As curs were expected to travel to Yucaipa from the Los Angeles basin, the California Highway Patrol blockaded the eastbound I-10 Freeway causing a miles and hours long backup. This thwarted many curs attempting to infiltrate Yucaipa for their mayhem exercise.

Other curs who managed to infiltrate Yucaipa from other directions assembled. An overwhelming force of San Bernardino County sheriff deputies converged on this pack of curs as they began their move. Deputies surrounded and divided the pack into two groups and blocked their every move. Isolated and neutralized, the curs had to tuck their tails to endure flag waving citizens, patriots, and bikers circulating among them insulting and humiliating them. Yucaipa City Council members seemed to find a way to not be present. Shame on them.

This is an example of top-notch professional heads-up policing that protected a wonderful community. Other cities should take note of how professional leadership works to assure the security of their communities.

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Retired American Diplomat served in American embassies and consulates for 25-years, ten in Islamic societies. I am not a fan of Islam. I do public speaking and have books listed.

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